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About Apex Ski Boots:

Apex's innovative, award-winning Ski Boot System has shaken up the slopes for skiers everywhere. Ski industry veterans founded the group in 2006 to dispel the common belief that ski boots must be painful in order to perform well. Their mission is to provide the world's most comfortable and flexible ski boots. Thus, they are consistently optimizing to fit today's skiing techniques.

What makes Apex's ski boots revolutionary is the combination of a soft-shell snowboarding boot with a rigid outer shell. Together, these shells blend comfort, warmth and fit into a ski boot that is easy to put on and take off. Not only that but they are customizable to fit your stance thanks to the adjustable buckles, open chassis, A-flex suspension system, and cuff alignment. They also work well on many different types of skiing terrain: powder, ice, hardpack, racecourses, and groomers.

As a skier, you no longer need to be jealous of your snowboarding friends when they walk around the slopes with ease. The inner boot gives you the ability to navigate stairs, ski lodge floors, and even drive a car without risking your safety. When it's time to ski, you simply slide the boot into the open chassis. The Apex Ski Boot System can also be used for snowboarding, hiking, and snowmobiling. With these boots, you can demand it all, comfort, warmth, and high performance, both on and off the mountain.