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About Altra Running and Training Shoes:

Sometimes the only way to get a job done right is to do it yourself. Just because a shoe is sold as athletic footwear doesn’t mean it’s built right, this is something that the founders of Altra were all too familiar with. You can’t strive for greatness if you’re laid up with an injury, and Altra is a direct result of subpar running shoes that couldn’t get the job done.

Golden Harper grew up running, finishing his first marathon (and setting a world best record, no big deal) at age 12. Working at his family’s running store, Harper became disheartened with the majority of popular athletic shoe designs, noting that the majority of different models on the market did nothing to protect the body from running injuries. Using self-collected research and the help of his trusty toaster oven, he began to modify existing shoes into a better shape, removing the excess heel by literally melting it off the shoe. This provided runners an experience that closer resembled running on the human foot, presenting a more natural, if not initially elegant, solution.

Harper’s innovations have paid off, so much so that it led to a proper line of footwear. Altra’s patented Balanced Cushioning™ technology means that the heel doesn’t add an excessive level of cushioning, and the addition of their unique FootShape™ toe box means the front of your foot won’t be constrained like in other pairs. These advancements, among a wealth of other forward thinking additions from the Altra team, help avoid injury while running, giving you the ability to push harder with less worry placed on unnecessary injury.

From a family of runners to you, this is a brand that works hard so you can put in some hard work. Run naturally, with Altra.