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About Adventure Medical Kits:

Adventure Medical Kits is part of a larger family of brands under the Tender Corporation. This family includes brands like After Bite®, Survive Outdoors Longer® (SOL), and Natrapel®. With such a great grouping of brands in one place, it’s no surprise that they are able to produce first aid kits that contain all the products necessary to treat a variety of injuries and ailments, whether you’re at work, at home, or on an epic adventure.

When it comes to first aid kits, it’s important to be prepared for the unknown. Adventure Medical Kits offers everything from pocket-sized to a group kit for up to 10 people, allowing you to be ready for almost anything. For instance, they offer ultralight and waterproof kits in different sizes for the thru-hiker or group of hikers that wants to keep their pack weight as low as possible. Their Mountain Series of medical kits similarly comes in a range of sizes based on the size of your hiking party. Its water-resistant bag features a contents map on the back, allowing you locate the supplies you need before even opening the bag, meaning you can start treatment that much faster. Also included are instruction cards, so you can administer the aid as effectively as possible. They even offer a preparedness kit for you and your best friend: your dog!

If you are looking to supplement your Adventure Medical Kit with more survival supplies, the SOL Origin Survival Tool is a great place to start. It includes a bevy of tools to help you survive in the wilderness, like fishing line and hooks, a signaling mirror, and a compass. It also includes a knife and a fire starter, so you can cook up any fish you happen to catch. And in the unfortunate instance that you get stranded overnight or in inclement weather, they offer survival bivvy and shelter options.

Whether you need a small emergency kit to keep in your car, or a survival shelter to supplement your current outdoor aid set-up, Adventure Medical Kits will help you to be prepared for almost anything.