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About ABUS:

When you’re out cycling, one of the most important things is that your bike stays where you park it. Fortunately, ABUS makes several styles of high quality bike locks that are designed for just that purpose. They have been creating reliable, easy to use locks for over 90 years, and continue to be innovators in the field.

ABUS folding locks, like the Bordo, are a reflection off this innovative spirit. They are lightweight and easily transportable like a u-lock, but also give you the flexibility of a cable lock. This allows you to lock your bike to more than just a standard bike rack if needed. The links as well as the lock itself have a coating that is soft to the touch, so you needn’t worry about scratching your rad paint job. They have a few versions of this lock, including a smaller, lighter version, as well as one that emits a very loud alarm noise, should anyone attempt to steal your bike.

If you don’t want an alarm for your bicycle though, ABUS also offers a variety of other options to keep your bike safe and secure, like cable and chain locks. Their chain locks are heavy duty and the chain is wrapped in a fabric sleeve to protect your bike frame. Meanwhile, they offer u-locks in a variety of sizes, so if you need a small one to throw in your bag on your commute, they’ve got it. There are even versions with keyhole covers to prevent dust and water (and ice) from getting in the lock cylinder, which is pretty ideal if you’re a bicycle commuter during those brutal winter months. In addition to keeping your bike safe, you should definitely also protect your head while you’re biking. As it turns out, ABUS also makes great helmets, featuring plenty of ventilation and a removable visor.

Whether it’s your noggin or your trusty bicycle, ABUS offers solutions to help you protect what you love.