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8BPLUS Wristband
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8BPLUS Wristband

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About 8BPlus Chalk Bags, Boulder Buckets and Climbing Gear

Let’s face it: you’ve got to be a little crazy to be a climber, and we at Moosejaw think you should wear that craziness on your sleeve. Fortunately, 8BPlus offers you a way to wear your craziness on your harness. These unconventional and eye-catching chalk bags are a tiny bit scary in the most adorable way possible. With so many unique monsters to choose from, you’re sure to find one that perfectly expresses your personality. Even though they all have their own names, you could change it to something else if you wanted. We promise we won’t judge you if you decide to name it after yourself. Just be prepared to introduce yourself twice, as these chalk bags get a lot of attention at the climbing gym.

Each 8Bplus chalk bag features brush holders on both sides, for easy access whether you’re right-handed or left-handed. Stan, Lilly, and all the rest of the chalk bag crew also come with a carabiner and belt to attach them to your or your climbing harness. And of course they have a drawstring closure to keep that precious chalk dry as a bone. If you need something for going bouldering, 8BPlus has chalk buckets, too. The super stable design won’t tip over, it has a bunch of pockets for brushes, and is deep enough to be able to chalk up your entire forearm. And they’re just as cute as the chalk bags. What more could you ask for?