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About 66 North:

Take it from those who actually do. Other outerwear companies might be born from chic, fancypants offices in posh, fancypants American cities, but 66North has a homegrown heritage that’s hard to ignore. For close to a century their brand has provided essential outerwear to those who do the hardest work, shielding adventurers and diligent workers from unreasonable conditions. This is cold weather apparel you guys, and it’s tried and tested against the elements. Refuse to trust your well being to lesser brands – 66North prides themselves on providing some of the most resilient outerwear on the planet, sitting alongside everyday apparel built for the active wearer. Even when the weather warms up and we head into spring, having reliable jackets is ideal for men and women who take the outdoors seriously. Or, you know, not seriously. Whatever you want to do.

Maybe you’re not familiar, but here’s some hard facts: Working as a fisherman in the North Atlantic waters has its challenges. Sure, that’s one way of putting it; another is to say that choosing the right outfitting can be a real life or death situation. The harsh conditions are no joke, something of which Hans Kristjánsson was well aware. Passionate about building better jackets and coats for those who face the troublesome conditions day in and day out, Iceland-born Kristjánsson traversed to Norway to learn his craft before establishing his company in 1926. 66North’s original name translated to “Fishermen‘s Clothing Factory of Iceland”, speaking to their dedication to create hardcore outerwear that is built strong for those who need it, not jackets that only look the part.

Time has been kind to 66North, with their long-incubated knowledge and know-how only further emboldening their present-day operation. It’s a best of both worlds situation – classic, brilliant design working in concert with the best present day tech around. This means that 66North parka is borderline unbeatable, and Primaloft® 66North jackets are unbelievably warm, with a number of other versatile selections filling out their catalog. Position these first-class pieces of outerwear against an inspired line of casual, active apparel and you have a brand that’s lived up to its initial purpose and then some – built for the Iceland fisherman, and everyone else looking to work that hard.

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