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Slumberjack Daybreak 4 Person Tent

Daybreak 4 Person Tent

$143.99   $159.95
10% off
Big Agnes Yellow Jacket 4 mtnGLO Tent

Big Agnes
Yellow Jacket 4 mtnGLO Tent

$359.99   $399.95
10% off
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About 4 Person Tents:

I could make a joke about 4 person tents being intense, but every time I chuckle at the computer screen the girl who sits next to me rolls her eyes. It’s true, puns are campy, but I’ve got camping on the brain because I’m supposed to describe a four-person tent.

The most important part about these tents is to remember that they aren’t made out of four people, they are made for up to four people to use. Shelter is one of mankind’s basic needs, and so is love and companionship, which is why you need a tent big enough to let your friends camp with you.

Modern tents use a variety of materials and technologies, both in the tent itself and in pole construction. Our tents are lightweight, easy to use and super fly.