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About One Person Tents:

Owning a one person tent does not mean that you don't have any friends. You're a renegade! You enjoy doing your own thing out there, not held to answer to anyone but yourself. It's definitely not that you don't have any friends. And hey, if you're heading out there solo it's likely you'll want to keep your gear at a minimum, so packing a roomy tent when it's only going to be you out there is totally unnecessary. That's what makes these one person tents so great - just enough space for you, built with the same features you've come to know and love from tents made for those who have friends.

Not that you don't have any friends. We aren't implying that, just reiterating that you'll likely be using this thing alone. And that's fine. With outer tent fabric built to bring significant strength and weather protection, inclement weather just won't be a problem. And ultralight weight won't be a problem either, keeping the heft down for that one man trekking adventure of yours.

And hey, we get it. Maybe you're just trying to get your "zen" on, and a bunch of people trailing behind you isn't your idea of a good time. It's also totally believable that you just like having your own enclosed sleeping area, and you feel large tents are a bad look. Whatever your motivation - vestibule or not, freestanding or otherwise - you have plenty of single person tents to choose from. And they're all from your favorite brands, like Nemo, Big Agnes and Hilleberg, so when your "friends" come around you can tell them all about it. Any time now.