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About Winter Sleeping Bags:

Oh, we can see it all now: Eager to conquer the alpine white mountainside, you hastily pack for your adventure. All your backpacking gear is already thrown into your backseat, with the rest of your camping equipment strewn about your room. I need to get out there now, you stammer, not able to hold back your excitement. You have the important stuff! Who needs a fancy place to sleep out there? You’re rugged and tough, right?

Except its winter. So it’s kind of freezing cold. It’s true, you’re rugged and tough and a master of the climbing domain, but you still need to keep warm while you’re snoozing on the side of a mountain. The collection above can more than help against the potential nastiness of unbearable coldness, but that’s not all! Keeping out the cold and bringing in the warmth is just one of many tricks these sleeping bags can afford. Remember, the elements, fickle they can be, aren’t just going to throw blustery cold air on you. What will you do if a raging snowstorm hits, dropping unwelcome wetness all over? These are some of the best water resistant bags on the market.

But don’t think all of this weather-fighting ability comes at the detriment of your comfort. These are wildly comfortable packs, made to fit as lightly and easily into your gear as possible. Worried about not having a whole lot of room for new equipment? Stuff sacks will give you a hand there, and the ultralight nature of a number of these sleeping bags means they won’t bring any unnecessary heft to your travels. If you’re concerned about the exact fill power of the down in your potential new bag (and seriously, who isn’t?) you can easily figure that out as well. Set your next basecamp with one of these winter sleeping bags and let all those rugged and tough expeditions continue. You’ll still be tough, just a little more comfortable while you’re at it.