Understanding Order Status

Understanding the Status of Your Order

The status of your order can be found by clicking the Track Your Order in My Account or visiting our Order Tracking page. Either log into your account or enter your order number and zip code for updated information on your account. Please note it may take one hour before the order status is updated once the order has been placed.

The statuses of what you can expect to see are included below:

  • Order Received: Your order is received, and is undergoing a routine check to prevent fraudulent purchases and ensure your information is valid. After your information has been confirmed, your order will continue to process.
  • Processing: Your order is submitted and the information you entered during checkout is being processed.
  • Item(s) located in stock: The items that you selected and submitted with your order during checkout are available in our warehouse.
  • Awaiting receipt of payment: If you paid by personal check, your order may remain on hold until payment is verified.
  • Shipped on: MM/DD/YYYY: The items have shipped from our warehouse and are on their way to the shipping address entered at checkout.
  • Back-ordered: One or more items in your order are currently unavailable for shipment. You will be notified via email when the item(s) becomes available and ships from our warehouse.
  • Special Order: Awaiting inventory: Items may be back-ordered for a variety of reasons, including late-arriving inventory, manufacturer restrictions on the item's release date, and customization in progress. You will be notified via email when the item(s) become available and ship from our warehouse.
  • Item(s) on hold until release date: MM/DD/YYYY: Specific items are available for early purchase on our website prior to release from the manufacturer. You will be notified via email when the item ships from our warehouse.
  • Return received on: MM/DD/YYYY Return is processing: If you returned an item to our warehouse, this status lets you know that we received the item.
  • Credit issued on: MM/DD/YYYY: After your returned item is processed and your order information is located, your credit is issued. You can expect to receive credit for a returned item within 30 days of when we receive it at the warehouse.
  • Temporarily Suspended: Please call 1.844.890.0896:This status does not mean your order is canceled. If you are receiving this message, your order has been suspended and is awaiting your verification, potentially because of invalid order or payment information. Please contact Customer Service.
  • Cancellation Pending: Your cancel request is submitted, but not yet finalized.
  • Unable to Process Your Cancel Request: It is too late to process your cancel request. The order will continue to ship to its destination.
  • Cancelled Upon Customer Request: Your order was successfully cancelled at your request.
  • Cancelled on MM/DD/YYYY due to missing or invalid order information: Due to missing or invalid order information, your order was cancelled. Once an order is cancelled, it cannot be processed and must be placed again on our website in order to proceed.
  • Cancelled on MM/DD/YYYY due to missing or invalid payment information: Due to missing or invalid payment information, your order was cancelled. Once an order is cancelled it cannot be processed and must be placed again on our website in order to proceed.
  • Ready for Pick Up: Your order is available for pick up at your selected DICK'S Sporting Goods store. This status is used for items purchased through our Buy Online, Pick Up in Store program.
  • Your Order Has Been Picked Up: Buy Online, Pick Up in Store order has been picked up from your selected store.


Carrier Tracking Information

Once an item is handed off to a carrier for shipment, your order status will update that the item has been shipped. Tracking information from the carrier will become available on Your Order History page in My Account within 48 hours.

Please note some items ship separately by different carriers and shipping methods. The individual item status for orders that are sent through multiple shipping methods is also available in Your Order History.

Shipment time for orders on Moosejaw.com vary depending on the type of shipping selected at checkout and the item's destination. Tracking availability can vary based on the carrier delivering your item. Occasionally, orders are delivered via a carrier that does not offer the ability to track your package. In these rare cases, Your Order History on Moosejaw.com will not offer tracking information but will still offer order status and other details.