Vuori Clothing

Available in Bontonville store only


Get out of bed and slip into a Vuori tank, short or long sleeve shirt and throw on a hoodie over top to start your day. The ultra comfy range of options cover the gamut of activities planned, whether you're running the beach, practicing yoga or just relaxing on the back porch. Vuori tops are all about the full Californian lifestyle, bringing together your healthy mindset, staying active and a chill mood. Style yourself for the spring season as the sun breaks through the gray tones of winter and warms up the day.


It can be dangerous business going out your front door sometimes. I get that. But with Vuori covering your upper half, you'll be ready for whatever the day brings. Workouts, day jobs, night jobs, hikes, runs, strolls... more workouts, you name it. Tech fabrics feature airflow, softness, and quick-drying performance, offering versatility and stretchy comfort for a full day of getting after it, kicking back, and everything in between. From tees to long sleeves, half zips, and hoodies, Vuori's got just what you need.


Vuori bottoms provide performance coverage from the waist down for adventurous-minded people. The stretch and comfort with a fit that flatters, so you can move from morning yoga to lifting weights and straight into an afternoon hike. Choose from shorts, leggings, joggers or pants to keep you going from morning to night. The fabrics are luxurious against the skin, while some feature moisture-wicking capabilities and dry quickly for workouts, others are sustainable and focus on a style for everyday life.



Activewear by Vuori to keep you comfortable and on the move. (Well, your bottom half at least... which is a pretty important half if you ask me.) Shorts, pants, and joggers bring the whole Cali lifestyle of fitness and relaxin' easy, no matter where you are. Materials are durable, soft, stretchy, and made with recycled content, creating versatile options you can rock just about anywhere. Built for staying active, designed to fit right in with your everyday wardrobe. May your days be frictionless, my friend.