Rab Outdoor Clothing & Gear

Available in select stores and available online soon

Rab is the answer when your need for warm clothing is combined with the need for protection in extreme conditions. They are a leader in gear, apparel and accessories for mountaineering and climbing pursuits. Rab is well-known for holding a steadfast dedication to delivering a level of product that is tough and dependable, ready and willing to stand up to the worst the elements have to offer.

The company started from meager beginnings and has grown to be one the most respected and technically proficient outdoors clothing and equipment companies in the world. Rab Carrington founded his brand in 1981 after a travel mishap that resulted in him learning how to sew sleeping bags while stuck in Buenos Aires. Over the proceeding decades, Rab has covered everything from their pièce de résistance of down products to base layers, soft shells, and waterproof fabrics. They are made with some of the lightest materials and are packed with a wealth of innovative features and technology to bring you the best possible backcountry experience possible. Add to that a line of gear, including imitable sleeping bags and tents, and you're presented with a team that refuses to coast on reputation alone, consistently challenging their designs and building a better product, every time.

Rab is committed to giving you practical outerwear and outdoor gear that actually works. The brand devotes itself to building their products on a deep understanding of what is needed no matter what the venture is. Whether you are climbing, shredding, ski touring, or hiking, you can count on Rab to feel at home in their garments and gear. Built by happenstance and forged from a passionate leadership, the Rab brand exists as an icon of hard work and persistence in the outdoor goods world.