Available in select stores and online this fall

Close to a century ago, Jorgen Jorgensen founded Norrona - a high-end, performance-driven brand that tested the waters between durability and minimalism. Today, Norrona continues to push the performance limits of new and revisited products in climbing, touring, skiing and snowboarding. Here at Moosejaw, you can shop from a variety of Norrona products such as jackets, baselayers, bibs, and more. From your favorite ski line in Tromso, Norway to your upcoming Mount Everest expedition, this innovative Norwegian brand is bound to have your ideal apparel.

Key features like GORE-TEX and PrimaLoft Silver are only tips of the iceberg when it comes to the designs of Norrona’s high-performance jackets. Sealed seams help maximize waterproofing and strategically placed zippers in the pits and on the chest accommodate breathability even when you’re carrying a backpack. To make things even easier, Norrona’s jackets feature adjustable loops in the hoods and hips, so you can focus more on shredding pow in the mountains and less on snow getting into your suit.

Norrona’s jackets aren’t the only products that get a lot of love. You can find features like GORE-TEX, 4-way stretch, moisture-wicking material and more on their ski and snowboard bibs and pants here at Moosejaw, as well. Plus, with a continuing focus on minimalism, Norrona is creating incredibly lightweight and durable pieces that still provide the functionality and breathability you’re looking for in a product to help you fight the elements on your next trip.

Why stop there though? Norrona may be focused on a minimalistic attitude when it comes to functionality and design, but they’re also bringing the same attitude to the table regarding their environmental footprint. Not only are they consciously making an effort to be greener at the home office, but they’re producing garments with 100% organic cotton, a minimum of 50% recycled fibers, and they’re using certifiable fabrics that meet high environmental and general welfare standards of Bluesign, RDS, RWS and more. What we’re trying to say is if you’re in the market for a new environmentally friendly, functional, comfortable jacket, set of bibs or pair of pants (and more), you’ve come to the right page.