CAMP Dyon Mixed Express KS Quickdraw 6 Pack

CAMP Dyon Mixed Express KS Quickdraw 6 Pack

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CAMP Dyon Mixed Express KS Quickdraw 6 Pack

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  • Delivers with a variable-width dogbone
  • Straight-gate Photon
  • Dyon KeyWire carabiner

Product Information

Design and Details:

  • Lightweight quickdraw designed for rock climbing with updated carabiner body design that increases rigidity and strength without increasing weight
  • Equipped with a Photon straight gate carabiner on the bolt end, a Dyon KeyWire carabiner on the rope end and a variable-width polyester dogbone runner between them
  • Photon carabiner is the brand's lightest solid-gate design and features a proprietary SphereLock closure for easy cleaning
  • Dyon KeyWire carabiner design combines the benefits of wiregate action with the proprietary SphereLock closure
  • SphereLock closures minimize play between the gate and nose for enhanced security and performance
  • Curved I-Beam construction on the spine of the Dyon creates a very high open gate strength for enhanced security
  • Variable-width polyester dogbone is easy to grab while projecting sport routes
  • Karstop Evo rubber carabiner retainer on the rope end of the runner keeps the bent-gate carabiner properly oriented for easy clipping and maximum strength
  • Best Use: Climbing


  • Imported
  • Gate Type: Straight-gate, Wire-gate
  • Gate Open Clearance: Photon straight gate: 21 mm; Dyon: 26 mm
  • Strength Major Axis Closed: Photon straight gate: 22 kN; Dyon: 21 kN
  • Strength Major Axis Open: Photon straight gate: 9 kN; Dyon: 11 kN
  • Strength Minor Axis: Photon straight gate: 7 kN; Dyon: 7 kN
  • Sling Length (cm): 18 centimeters
  • Weight: 90 grams
  • Brand : CAMP
  • SKU: 25692916