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About Fishing Apparel:

If I even see the smallest raindrop outside, I won’t go outside. It’s just because I can’t risk getting my perm wet, it cost too much money and looks too good to just waste away in the rain. Even for precaution, I won’t go outside if there’s a more than a 30% chance of rain. You can imagine I have been struggling with this dilemma since 1985, but I’ve also been the best looking guy since 1985.

Fish are very inconsiderate to those of us who have been looking like the third member of “Hall and Oates” all of our lives, but like to fish. Because fun fact, when it’s raining fish don’t go inside, they actually come out more. In case you didn’t know, it’s actually prime fishing time when it’s raining outside. Now, when you’re a fisherman that’s pretty annoying because who likes fishing in the rain? You just get all wet and miserable, and the fish laugh at you. But, don’t worry the day is saved! Moosejaw carries top quality fishing outerwear to help you fish during all types of weather. Fishing outerwear includes everything from waterproof fishing waders, jackets and hats. So, with the variety of waterproof fishing apparel Moosejaw has, you will be able to fish in heavy downpours, with ease -- You - 1, Fish - 0.

And because fishing apparel are all around the year type clothing, you don’t have to limit yourself to wearing them when it’s raining. Moosejaw carries breathable fishing waders and fishing caps to keep you cool and sweat-free during hot, sunny the first sentence of this paragraph with “and because.”

Now, with the variety of fishing waders we have that come in both women’s and men’s fishing waders, you are sure to be the most fashionable fisherman at the lake. You might not think that being fashionable while fishing is a necessity, but in truth it’s actually strategic: fish will get out of the water to admire your new, beautiful fishing wading jacket, and you’ll actually catch more fish. To be extra fancy, throw in a fishing vest and they’ll be jumping out of the water for you.

Go model for them.