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About Strafe:

Strafe Outerwear has the rare ability to make you look cool in ski and snowboard gear without sticking out like a sore thumb on the mountain. Twin athletic legends, John and Pete Gaston created the company as a result of their obsession with the Highland Bowl. Through their weekends spent in Aspen's powder, they became aware of the gap between affordable backcountry gear and specific technical styles. They knew that it was possible to overcome the headaches of inflexible, bulky gear when hiking to ski terrain. They also knew that the best way to test their gear is at the place where it all began, the Highlands. In case you have any doubts about this, John was able to log eleven laps in a single day when most are able to hit three or four.

An overall minimalist design gives the rider liberated movement, excellent stretch, and plenty of comfort through the loose-fitting fabric and big, breathable vents. These simple designs have resulted in pants and jackets with a 17-stitch-per-inch thread count which is a really big deal in the snow gear industry, in case you didn't know. As they are a small company, they have the ability to listen to their customers' feedback and tweak their products to optimize them and develop new ones.

Strafe is made by athletes and for athletes who are stoked at the onset of a snowstorm. This versatile gear is able to perform across a variety of conditions and environments from mountains to parks and everything in-between. Their men's and women's collections keep the bulky weight down giving you the ability to move fast while staying warm and dry. Their ski and snowboard apparel is highly technical yet remains affordable so you can live the good life in the mountains and put in some serious ski and snow time.