Canada Goose's Warranty and Repairs Policy

If you purchase a Canada Goose product from an authorized dealer like Moosejaw, it is covered under their warranty policy against defects in material and/or workmanship for the Lifetime of the Product. Canada Goose defines Lifetime of the Product as "the usual and customary wearable life of the product by the original owner." Please note that the policy only applies to the original owner of the product, so if your Canada Goose jacket has some flaws, and was bought on a street corner or handed down to you from a previous owner, you are SOL.

Canada Goose will, at their option, either repair or replace one of their products free of charge as long as it was purchased from an authorized dealer and fails within its lifetime due to manufacturing defects or workmanship. Pretty much reiterating what we said above, but it's important we're all crystal clear here. Their warranty policy DOES NOT cover damage that is caused by improper care, accidents, normal wear and tear, or negligent use on your part.

Canada Goose's warranty policy is voided if you remove any of their labels from the product for any reason, or if it has been tailored or otherwise altered in any way. That means you cannot have your friend's mom patch a hole in the elbow or shorten the sleeves for you, and then send it in for more repairs. Check the Size Guide info on a Canada Goose page to ensure you are ordering the correct size, and if the item gets damaged, make sure Canada Goose and Canada Goose only is doing the repairs.

Canada Goose may also choose to offer to repair damage not covered by the warranty policy at their usual charge for repairs. If they make such an offer, they will evaluate and communicate the offer to the consumer upon inspection, and prior to any repairs being made on the product. In other words, you will be in the know before they start fixing your jacket if they find additional issues you may not have been aware of, or if you want damage not covered by the warranty policy repaired.