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Check Out What Chef Bart is Cooking Up in the Moosejaw Gear Kitchen
Check Out What Chef Bart is Cooking Up in the Moosejaw Gear Kitchen


Who says you can't have a fancy appetizer on a campfire? Whoever they are, show them this. Campfire brie with brown sugar pecans and cranberry sauce. The Snow Peak Takibi Fire and Grill Set gives you plenty of room to chef it up, and the Fire Side Gloves keep your hands photoshoot ready while you cook. You'll impress everyone and probably yourself when you whip up this dish at the next hangout.

View and Download Our Thanksgiving Campfire Brie Recipe


Gather with your besties, fire up the BioLite FirePit+ and harness fire. It has a plus in the name so you know it's gotta be good. Small and mighty, it travels well from campsite to backyard and it's smokeless so you won't get a big draft of bleh in the face. Here's a chocolate chip cookie s'mores recipe from our friends at Motor City Doughboy that you can make using the FirePit+.

View and Download Chef John's Chocolate Chip Cookie S'mores Recipe


Chef Aaron is back in the Moosejaw Gear Kitchen and this time he's whipping up his famous coney dogs. He paid me $5 to put "his famous" in front of everything he makes. I'm not quite sure how famous they are though. If you didn't know, coney dogs are covered in chili and onions (and mustard). Everything in life is better with chili and onions (and mustard), hot dogs are no exception.

View and Download Chef Bart's Coney Dogs Recipe


Tis the season to get all boozed up. Our Chef Aaron has some cocktail recipes for you. And I don't think he covers it in this video, but here's a bonus recipe for you: I call it a More Whiskey Please. It's 1 part whiskey and then however many more parts whiskey you want.

View and Download Chef Bart's Holiday Cocktails Recipe


It's turkey time and Chef Aaron is back to cook up something scrumptious. This time, he's making tandoori turkey and fresh naan using the Eureka Gonzo Grill. Told you, scrumptious. Check out this recipe and then impress your relatives when you tell them about it. You're welcome.

View and Download Chef Bart's Tandoori Turkey and Naan Recipe


Chef Aaron (aka Barty Ferrari) is at it again. I asked him to make something spooky this time. He was like, "I'll make goulash... but with an H" And I was like, "Goulash has an H". And he was like, "Another one. After the G." Then I got it. Ghoulash. Enjoy this spooky recipe from Tastytown.

View and Download Chef Bart's Spooky Ghoulash Recipe


Our Chef Aaron is at it again, this time using the GSI Aluminum Dutch Oven to make his famous chili. What age do you have to be before you put "my famous" before any dish you make? Anyways, Chef Aaron's chili is the sole reason we no longer have company chili cook-offs, we got sick of presenting him with the trophy every year. Anyways, push your backcountry cooking skills with this simple yet delicious chili recipe.

View and Download Chef Bart's Texas Style Chili Recipe


In this video Chef Aaron will be showing you how to make delicious tacos using the BioLite firepit. When's the last time you had a taco? If the answer wasn't within the past 2 or 3 hours, you should probably try this recipe out. MJProTip: always make double the amount of tacos you think you'll eat. Then 3 more on top of that just to be safe.

View and Download Chef Bart's Carne Asada Tacos with Charred Salsa


In this episode Chef Aaron is showing you his secrets for making a delicious eggs benedict using a LITHIC stove and LITHIC cookware. If there's a better way to eat an egg, I haven't heard of it. Ugh, now I want eggs benedict so bad. I think I'll stop writing this paragraph and go make some. Bye. Watch the videos. Bye.

View and Download Chef Bart's Carne Asada Tacos with Charred Salsa
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