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About Moosejaw

Call us at 877-Moosejaw or email us if you need help with your order, have a gear question or just want to talk. If you're trying to figure out what 877-Moosejaw is on your Blackberry right now you can't do it because the numbers and letters don't match like a normal phone. So, instead of resorting to a landline please call 877-666-7352.

If you're interested in a little Moosejaw history please read on. If not, please shut your eyes.

1992 - Moosejaw opens in Keego Harbor, Michigan. My mom got a new Mountaineer. My girlfriend cheated on me but the boy was super handsome so you can't really blame her.

1993 - I was named best hide-and-seek player at Moosejaw after hiding under a poncho in the shop for six straight days. It was actually a cagoule.

1994 - We opened our second shop in East Lansing. The move was made strictly to get girls to like us. We went a whole month without a girl coming in. The first girl to come in was actually looking for the pet shop. My mom turned in her Mountaineer for an Explorer.

1995 - My little brother did it for the first time. We started Moosejaw.com. We didn't check to see if an order came in for at least a year.

1996 - We copied all our marketing ideas from Shirley's Stuffed Cat Shop. Fortunately, Shirley died shortly after filing a law suit.

1997 - We opened our third shop in Birmingham, Michigan. My brother and I went to Alaska. Really my brother went but I didn't. He was the second shortest person on his flight from Detroit to Alaska. When he was little we used to dress him in my sister's doll's clothes.

1998 - We opened our fourth shop in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. Lots of people started to order stuff at Moosejaw.com. We required that Moosejaw staff wear ascots and carry swords.

1999 - My mom test drove an Expedition but decided it was too big.

2000 - We opened our fifth shop in Chicago. We were apparently one of the only shops in the city to encourage smoking in the store. I saw a bug.

2001 - We opened our sixth shop in Deerfield, Illinois. At this point, we were too big and we started recommending that customers shop elsewhere. I considered a nose job to make my nose bigger.

2002 - We moved to a big new warehouse for Moosejaw.com. My mom wanted to trade in her Explorer for the Expedition again but decided it was still too big and got a new Explorer. We made shirts with a kangaroo instead of a moose and started a recycling program for anything yellow.

2003 - We opened our seventh shop in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Shirley's son, from Shirley's Stuffed Cat Shop, died. We got a second warehouse.

2004 - Nothing happened.

2005 - We moved into one giant warehouse. My mom traded in her Explorer for a new Explorer. We opened an eighth shop in Ann Arbor. I had four cavities and got accused of eating candy just for the nitrous.

2006 - We made significant improvements in a couple of our shops. All the work was done by notable plastic surgeons from eight Midwest cities. We expanded our staff at Moosejaw.com significantly. The person who owns the vending machines at our warehouse purchased a third home in the south of France.

2007 - We opened another new shop, expanded two other shops and got into a new office and another new giant warehouse. Most of our time was spent counting how many people at Moosejaw wear hats.

2008 - We doubled the size of our shop in Chicago, made our own Moosejaw brand line of jackets and McLovin has one. Gets no better than that. My mom traded in her Explorer for a hybrid. That's not true but she probably should have.

2009 - The girl who sits next to me got all preggers.

2010 - We had our best year yet. Highlights include having more dogs at Moosejaw, there are fewer people who are taller than me in our warehouse. We developed the first gluten-free backpacks, but then canceled the line because of that other thing.

2011 - Winter never happened so we just played ping pong every day and then went home early.

2012 - Someone brought finger darts in and I've been hit in the face 4 times and once in the eye. We also opened 3 1/2 new shops in Natick, MA, Boulder, CO, Kansas City, MO and a pop-up shop on Woodward Ave. We're counting the pop-up as the 1/2. In case you didn't pick up on that.

2013 - We established the highly exclusive Moosejaw Country Club and made the Detroit shop permanent. Our CEO had a bad hair day and we started carrying a bunch of brands that no one could pronounce. But the biggest accomplishment by far was getting rid of the raccoon problem in most of the shops.

2014 - We hired way too many employees and needed to find a place to put them, so we annexed the neighboring office area. Plus I learned the word "annex." Big year for everyone.

2015 - Meh, not much happened. Our Chicago shop moved to a cool new spot. The IT nerds tell me we had an important site migration, whatever that is. Oh, and some girl who has been here forever left to pursue a career in the pictures.

2016 - This is the highest number year we've had to date. To commemorate this fact, we sunk our teeth into Virtual Reality. If you don't know what VR is, it's this thing you put on over your face and everybody looks at you. Plus we opened a shop in Grand Rapids. VR + GR = 2016

2017 - I thought I lost my favorite hat but then I found it. That's about it. Oh, plus we went through monumental growth. But man, I'm glad I found that hat.

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