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Top Seller
  • Nouveau Green
  • Carmine Red
  • Smolder Blue
  • Black
Patagonia Women's Radalie Insulated Parka

$148.97 - $249.00

WAS: $249.00*

  • Belay Blue
  • Night Plum
  • Black
Patagonia Women's Nano-Air Hoodie

$183.97 - $229.99

WAS: $329.00*

Top Seller
  • Cosmic Gold
  • Nouveau Green
  • Passage Blue
  • Garden Green
  • Wax Red
  • Black
Patagonia Women's Downdrift Jacket

$196.97 - $329.00

WAS: $329.00*

Patagonia Women's Down Jacket

$159.99 - $279.00

WAS: $279.00*

  • Burl Red
  • Cozy Peach
  • Nest Brown
  • Sleet Green
  • Stingray Mauve
  • Pitch Blue
Patagonia Women's Lost Canyon Jacket

$118.97 - $269.00

WAS: $199.00*

  • Graphite Stripes
  • Ink Stripes
Cotopaxi Women's Fuego Down Parka


WAS: $290.00 - $325.00*

Top Seller
  • Herring Grey
  • Black
Patagonia Women's Down Sweater Hooded Jacket

$196.97 - $329.00

WAS: $329.00*

Top Seller
  • Nest Brown
  • Nouveau Green
  • Black
Patagonia Women's Downdrift Parka

$222.97 - $399.00

WAS: $399.00*

  • Black
Rossignol Women's Staci Jacket

See Price In Cart

WAS: $315.00*

  • White
Obermeyer Women's Atla Jacket


WAS: $549.00*

  • Lagom Blue
  • Sleet Green
  • Black
Patagonia Women's 3-in-1 Powder Town Jacket

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WAS: $499.00*

  • Paintbrush
  • Pink Champagne
Obermeyer Women's Calypso Down Jacket

$244.00 - $349.00

WAS: $349.00*

  • Gaias Floral
  • Woodblock
  • Cantaloupe
  • Snow Leopard
Obermeyer Women's Bombshell Jacket

$209.00 - $299.00

WAS: $299.00*

  • Vintage Black
Roark Women's Axeman Jacket


WAS: $179.00*

Top Seller
  • Almond Butter
  • Almond Butter/Almond Butter TNF Monogram Large Print
  • Coal Brown
  • Pine Needle
  • Ponderosa Green
  • TNF Black
  • Vanadis Grey
The North Face Women's Arctic Parka

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WAS: $350.00*

Extended Sizes
Obermeyer Women's Tuscany II Winter Jacket

$155.00 - $279.00

WAS: $259.00 - $279.00*


Learn More About Women's Down Jackets

Stay Cozy With Women’s Down Jackets

Down jackets are exceptional insulators, so they’ll keep you extra toasty. They’re full of feathers that trap warm air while keeping your coat lightweight. There are a few things to keep in mind before you choose your women’s down jacket.

Warmth and Comfort

Waterproof down jackets keep you warm even if it’s raining out. They give you all the benefits of raincoats without sacrificing warmth. Water-resistant jackets are another option for staying comfortable in damp weather.

Wind-resistant down jackets protect you from even the chilliest gusts. They prevent cold air from slipping its way through your coat — no matter how hard the wind blows.

Hooded jackets provide extra protection by covering your head and neck. In some cases, they can remove the need for a hat. In other cases, they work best when combined with the right hat.

For even more comfort, you’ll benefit from choosing a jacket with a cuffed waist and cuffed wrists. These features will seal in warm air. Pockets are also great: They can help keep your hands warm.


Choosing a sustainable jacket is a great way to honor the very environment you wish to explore. Moosejaw has several types of sustainable down jackets.

  • Bluesign
  • Recycled fiber
  • Fair Trade Certified
  • Organic fiber
  • Preferred Fiber

Down jackets will keep your upper body warm, but don’t forget about your legs! Moosejaw has a great selection of snow pants and bibs to ensure that you’ll stay cozy all over.