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Explore Trolling Rods at Moosejaw

Moving through the open water while the sun shines down on you—now that's a fun way to fish. Trolling rods can help you do it. Moosejaw offers multiple options to meet your trolling rod needs.

About Trolling Rods

Trolling rods are constructed to withstand rough water while dragging in big—maybe enormous—fish. They're specialized tools used for fishing from a moving boat, though you can also troll from land.

These rods allow you to plumb watery depths; most people don't use them for topwater fishing. They're great for catching fish that are already feeding.


Your ideal rod length depends on how tall you are and how far you want to cast. Longer rods can cast farther out, but they can also be unwieldy for shorter individuals. Short rods can help you avoid overhead obstacles.


Considering the circumstances in which they're used, trolling rods must all be somewhat powerful. Still, some are more powerful than others.

The more powerful the rod, the more it resists bending under pressure. That resistance allows high-power rods to fight back against big fish.

You can use low-power trolling rods in some circumstances. Nonetheless, any deep-water fishing adventures will probably demand at least medium-heavy power. Even then, you might find that your rod and lines can't handle the strain.

If you're looking to catch giant fish in choppy waves, extra-heavy power can't be beat. For the most versatile option, go for medium power.

Saltwater or Freshwater

Assuming you don't like the idea of your rod getting destroyed, freshwater rods can't be exposed to much salt. In contrast, saltwater rods are composed of wear-resistant materials that can stand up to salt. Unless you're sure you'll only troll in fresh water, pick a saltwater rod.