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Rite Angler Barrel Swivel

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Explore Swivels at Moosejaw

Fishing swivels are designed to prevent twists in your fishing line. When you use a swivel, it gives you the ability to use a combination of different types of fishing line. If you don't want to tie a line knot, use a swivel to connect your mainline with your fishing leader.

Most of the swivels at Moosejaw are ball-bearing swivels or barrel swivels. When you browse through the swivels, this guide can help you narrow down your options.

Understanding Ball-Bearing Swivels

A ball-bearing swivel has a stainless-steel ball bearing on the inside. With this swivel, the two connection points on either side are able to move independently, and there is no friction.

Ball-bearing swivels are recommended for heavy loads and for use with hard-pulling lures. They work exceptionally well for trolling and for big-game fishing in saltwater.

Learning the Basics of Barrel Swivels

Barrel swivels have a hollow barrel with eyes on either side. The eyes attach to snaps, rings or locks.

These swivels are ideal for fishing situations with minimal load. You may want to use barrel swivels when you're fishing for smaller fish in a freshwater pond or lake.

When you use barrel swivels, you should monitor your load and the current. If you suddenly encounter a bigger fish or a stronger current, you may need to switch to a ball-bearing swivel. Your barrel swivel may not be able to rotate in these situations, and you might get twists in your line.

Factoring in Your Budget and Fishing Style

Barrel swivels tend to be less expensive than ball-bearing swivels, and they're versatile enough for most casual fishing needs. For occasional fishing and most freshwater fishing, barrel swivels are ideal. If you regularly fish for bigger fish in saltwater, ball-bearing swivels will suit you best.

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