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Explore Spinning Reels at Moosejaw

For versatility, you can’t get much better than a spinning reel. These reels provide a good starting point for beginners, but many longtime anglers also prefer them.

Reel Size

The lighter your fishing line, the smaller your reel should be. With heavy, thick lines, larger reels are necessary. For something in between, choose a medium-size reel.

Large reels are a lot to handle, but compact versions ease that problem. If you see a size with the letter C next to the number, it’s compact.

In a compact reel, the body is one size down from what the size number suggests, lowering its weight. However, the drag and capacity are still the same.

Gear Ratio

Gear ratio describes how many times your spool rotates per handle turn. The higher the gear ratio, the faster your line comes in.

Neither is all-around better than the other. Lower ratios are great for keeping your bait near fish for more extended periods.

Timid fish might find slow line movement less intimidating. Additionally, low ratios allow you to get your bait deeper in the water.

Higher ratios, which are speedier and allow less slack, are often helpful with larger fish. They also prevent your line from getting roughed up during heavy cover fishing.

Pick something with a medium ratio for a good mix of low and high ratio gears. Though medium ratios can’t perfectly mimic high or low options, they still function admirably in many situations.

Water Type

Saltwater reels are composed of saltwater-resistant materials, making them more durable than their freshwater counterparts. A freshwater reel will quickly acquire damage in saltwater conditions. Though you shouldn’t use a freshwater reel in the ocean, you can use a saltwater reel wherever you please.