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Leland's Trout Magnet Soft Bait


WAS: $2.99 - $3.49*

6th Sense Divine Swimbait


WAS: $4.99 - $19.99*

Z-Man Finesse TRD Soft Plastic

$4.49 - $4.99

WAS: $4.99*


Explore Soft Baits at Moosejaw

Soft baits, which come in almost countless shapes and colors, are incredibly versatile. Soft-bait beginners often have a tough time sorting through the options, but choosing doesn’t have to be complicated.

Natural Movement

For artificial lures that can mimic actual prey, choose soft baits. You can find options that look like grubs, minnows, craws, and more.

Because soft baits bend, they move more naturally than other options. Their wriggling, thrashing appearance can whet a fish’s appetite. Some flop like injured prey, making them seem like easy pickings.

Their texture feels more natural to biting fish. That might give you extra time to set the hook.

Unnatural-looking baits also have their place, of course. They grab attention better than their more natural counterparts.

Scents and Flavors

Many soft baits have added scents and flavors to further entice fish. When they don’t, you can find bait-scenting products to add on your own.

Some baits include salt, but this won’t necessarily work as an attractant. Salt is primarily there to make soft baits heavier.

Subtle Presentation

This type of bait is ideal for delicate, slow presentations. It’s perfect for finesse fishing — the kind that encourages fish to bite when they otherwise wouldn’t.

When fish are sluggish because of cold water or other environmental factors, slow-moving soft baits are less intimidating. These baits are also helpful in shallow water or with small strike zones.

Because they’re on the subtle side, they can't always attract fish from a distance. However, they’re great if you know exactly where fish are situated.

A Good Addition

A lot of anglers find great success by adding soft baits to other lures. That way, they get the benefits of soft baits while avoiding potential drawbacks.