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  • Legion Blue/Tapestry
  • Grey/Orange
Big Agnes Lost Ranger 3N1 15 Sleeping Bag

$299.99 - $399.99

WAS: $399.99 - $569.95*

  • Banff Blue/Tin Grey
The North Face Cat's Meow 20 Sleeping Bag

$107.40 - $113.40

WAS: $179.00 - $189.00*

  • Green/Olive
Big Agnes Echo Park 20° Sleeping Bag

$149.99 - $187.46

WAS: $199.99 - $249.95*

  • Blue/Red
Big Agnes Anvil Horn 15 Sleeping Bag

$179.99 - $209.99

WAS: $279.99*

The North Face Wasatch Pro 20 Sleeping Bag

$65.39 - $109.00

WAS: $109.00 - $119.00*

  • French Blue/Harbor Blue
Marmot Women's Trestles 15 Sleeping Bag

$83.30 - $90.30

WAS: $119.00 - $129.00*

  • Brilliant Blue
Nemo Men's Endless Promise 30 Down Sleeping Bag

$167.96 - $179.96

WAS: $279.95 - $299.95*

  • Cobalt/Midnight
Sea to Summit Trailhead II 30 Sleeping Bag

$124.99 - $134.99

WAS: $179.99 - $189.99*

  • Cobalt Blue/Blue Night
Marmot Trestles 15 Sleeping Bag

$83.30 - $90.30

WAS: $119.00 - $129.00*

  • Abyss/Green Sheen
NEMO Men's Forte Endless Promise 20 Sleeping Bag

$164.99 - $179.99

WAS: $199.99 - $219.99*

  • Legion Blue/Tapestry
Big Agnes Sidewinder SL 35° Sleeping Bag

$202.49 - $269.99

WAS: $269.99*


Shop Sleeping Bags at Moosejaw

The Best Sleeping Bag for Your Starry Night

Having the appropriate equipment for your excursion can be the difference between an epic adventure and an epic disaster. When it comes to finding the right sleeping bag, Public Lands has an enormous selection of tough and dependable sleeping gear. They will get you through the night no matter what elements you face.

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right sleeping bag:

  • Weight
  • Temp rating
  • Material


Sleeping bags can weigh anywhere from about 2 to 6 pounds. If you are going to be carrying it for long distances while traversing on foot, go for a lighter one. There are many high-quality sleeping bags available from Public Lands that weigh as little as from 1 to 3 pounds.

Moreover, it might seem like a heavier bag will keep you warmer, but that is not always the case. The material it is made of, especially the fill material, is often the determining factor for warmth. In fact, there are quite a few options for warmer sleeping bags that stay around the 3-pound range.

Temp Rating

The temp rating of a sleeping bag will allow you to choose one that is perfect for your own adventure, depending on the climate. If you are camping in the summer or a warmer climate in general, a temp rating of 32 degrees or above will do the trick.

For more robust excursions in mountain climates or winter cold, a bag with a temp rating of 10F or less will keep you comfortable. And if you're not sure which temp rating is best for you, opt for a warmer bag. It is easier to cool down if you need to than to warm up.


The last thing to consider is whether you want your bag filled with down or synthetic. Down is often warmer and lighter than synthetic but holds more moisture. Synthetic will keep you drier in a moist climate.

There is no better time to get out there, cut new trails and sleep under the stars. Having the right sleeping bag will make it even more magical. And to eliminate the lumps and bumps of sleeping on the ground, check out our quality selection of sleeping pads.