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  • True Black Updated
  • True Black
Burton Men's GORE-TEX Mittens

$67.97 - $79.95

WAS: $84.95*

  • Rock Lichen/Mushroom
  • Gray Heather
  • True Black
Burton Men's Profile Gloves


WAS: $49.95*

  • Espresso
  • White
  • Black
Obermeyer Women's Leather Down Mittens

$83.97 - $99.00

WAS: $99.00*

  • Cork/Cork
  • Black/Black
Hestra Men's Fall Line Mitten


WAS: $165.00*

  • True Black Cosmoblock
  • Gray Heather
  • True Black
Burton Youth Vent Gloves


WAS: $44.95*

  • Glitchy
  • Secret Garden
  • White
  • Black
Obermeyer Women's Regulator Mittens

$54.97 - $65.00

WAS: $65.00*

Protect Your Hands With Ski & Snowboarding Gloves

Your fingers are especially vulnerable to cold — but not when you wear a pair of ski and snowboarding gloves. Not just any gloves will do though. Before you purchase a pair from Public Lands, keep a few things in mind.

Gloves vs. Mittens

Mittens keep all your fingers bundled up together, which can make them a bit warmer than gloves. With mittens, you won’t have as much dexterity. That might not matter to you, though, if you’re just wrapping your hands around gear like ski poles.

On the other hand, gloves allow your fingers to move independently. They’re great when you’re dealing with complicated gear that might need adjustments, such as straps or snowboard bindings.

Water Resistance

Getting your hands wet is a great way to turn your adventure into an uncomfortable slog. Waterproof and water-resistant gloves prevent this problem.

Touchscreen Compatibility

Snowboarders and skiers of old would have wondered what you were talking about if you’d asked for touchscreen-compatible gloves. This style is extremely popular now for a variety of outdoor activities.

These gloves use conductive materials to help your covered fingers interact with touchscreens. If you plan to use your phone while you’re out, this feature might be necessary.


Different gloves and mittens are appropriate for different temperature ranges. You can choose gloves for mild, cold, or arctic weather.

Hands aren’t the only extremities that you need to protect! Check out our selection of winter socks to keep your feet warm and toasty, too.