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Learn How to Choose Ski Boots at Moosejaw

The right pair of ski boots can give you more comfort and control on the slopes. At Public Lands, you'll find ski boots to suit every size, style, and budget. You can choose from different flex types, too.

Finding the Right Ski Boot Size

Ski boots connect you to your skis, so it's crucial to choose the right size. Unlike regular shoes, ski boot sizes are based on the Mondopoint scale.

To find your Mondo size, start by putting on a pair of ski socks. Next, place the back of your foot against a wall, and keep your toes straight. Then, measure the distance from your heel to the tip of your longest toe.

Finally, convert the measurement to centimeters, and you've found your Mondo size. If your foot measures 26 centimeters, your Mondo size is 26.

Understanding Your Width Choices

Now that you've found your Mondo size, think about what width might be best for your needs. Measure the distance across the widest part of your foot (the ball). This is known as your "last" measurement (forefoot width), and it's taken in millimeters.

At Public Lands, you can choose from forefoot widths between 100 to 105 millimeters. Generally, forefoot widths of 100 millimeters are suitable for most skiers. Larger forefoot widths are ideal for wider feet.

When you select your width, think about the type of skiing you plan to do. Although wider ski boots might be more comfortable, narrower ski boots can give you more precision and support. If you're looking for more control on your skis, you might want to try a narrower width.

Choosing the Best Flex Option for You

At Public Lands, you can opt for ski boots with soft, medium, or stiff (hard) flex levels. Soft options are ideal for beginners, and medium flex levels are appropriate for intermediate skiers. If you're an advanced skier, stiff options will help you transfer power from your legs to your skis more efficiently.

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