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Explore Men's Rain Boots at Moosejaw

Whether you're running errands or working outdoors in wet conditions, rain boots will keep your feet dry. At Public Lands, you can choose from leather and rubber rain boots. Pull-on rain boots, lace-up rain boots, and insulated rain boots are available too.

Do You Need Rubber Rain Boots or Leather Rain Boots?

Most rain boots are made of rubber so that your feet will stay as dry as possible. However, rubber tends to crack over time, and leather rain boots may last longer.

While rubber boots have some ankle support, leather rain boots tend to provide the most support in the ankle area. If you need extra support for your ankles, you may want to opt for leather rain boots.

Do You Need a Pull-on or a Lace-up Style?

Pull-on rain boots tend to be much easier to put on than lace-up styles. Generally, pull-on boots have a looser fit, so they're ideal if you don't want to wear socks with your boots. In addition, pull-on styles provide a better fit if you're wearing jeans.

Lace-up rain boots provide a closer fit, so they may be more comfortable for long days in the rain. If you need the maximum amount of ankle support, a lace-up style is recommended.

Do You Need Insulated Rain Boots?

You may want to consider buying insulated rain boots if you live in an area with cold and rainy winters. Generally, you won't need to wear multiple pairs of socks with an insulated rain boot. This may help your feet feel less restricted.

If you'll be wearing your rain boots in mild temperatures, uninsulated styles are recommended. These styles will keep your feet from overheating and are generally lighter.

At Public Lands, we also have a terrific selection of men's rain jackets, men's gloves, and men's hoodies and sweatshirts!