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  • Burl Red
  • Lagom Blue
  • Obsidian Plum
  • Pufferfish Gold
  • Subtidal Blue
  • Black
Patagonia Men's Nano Puff Jacket

$142.99 - $239.00

WAS: $239.00*

  • Belay Blue
  • Burl Red
  • Nouveau Green
  • New Navy
  • Black
Patagonia Men's R2 TechFace Jacket

$118.99 - $199.00

WAS: $199.00*

Top Seller
  • Grayling Brown
  • Ink Black
  • Sleet Green
  • Basin Green
Patagonia Men's Downdrift Jacket

$196.99 - $229.99

WAS: $329.00*

  • Bucket Blue
  • Sandstorm
Houdini Men's D Full-Zip Jacket

$500.00 - $550.00

WAS: $550.00*

Top Seller
  • Sports Red
  • Black
Rossignol Men's Siz Ski Jacket

$204.97 - $227.99

WAS: $325.00*

  • Flint
  • Black
Outdoor Research Men's Coldfront Down Hoodie

$194.97 - $229.00

WAS: $229.00*

Explore Men's Down Jackets at Moosejaw

Men’s down jackets get insulation power from tiny little feathers. The feathery fluff traps warm air pockets to protect you from the chill. Not all down jackets at Public Lands are the same, though.


You can look for extra insulation if feathers aren’t enough. Hooded jackets keep your neck, chin, and head warm while protecting the sides of your face.


Waterproof and water-resistant down coats have a hydrophobic outer layer. If you drench a water-resistant jacket, some liquid might still get through, so those are best for mildly damp weather.

Waterproof coats are perfect if you’re at serious risk of getting wet. For example, during ice fishing, a waterproof jacket would protect you from splashes.


Wind-resistant and windproof jackets prevent air from pushing through your coat. These are ideal on windy days. They’re also perfect for quick-moving activities like skiing, snowboarding, or riding snowmobiles.

Other Features

Packable jackets fold up into small packages so that you can stow them away with ease. Lightweight down jackets won’t add much bulk to your outfit, so they’re useful when you need to stay aerodynamic. They’re also suitable for layering.

However, you won’t stay as warm as you would in a regular down jacket unless you add layers. Lightweight jackets have less space between feathers, so they can’t trap as much warm air.

To add flexibility to your jacket, check out our baselayers. They can bring extra warmth under a thin jacket or wick moisture away in an ultra-warm jacket.