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Explore Kids' Vests at Moosejaw

From chilly school days to cold winter walks, vests can keep your child toasty throughout the fall and winter. At Moosejaw, you can shop for vests with advanced features, including vests that are compatible with three-in-one systems jackets.

What Activities Are Ideal When Wearing a Vest?

When you buy a vest for your child, it's important to consider his or her activity level. Vests are recommended for use during vigorous outdoor activities. A vest will make it easier for your child to maintain their body temperature during exercise.

If your child will be hiking, running, or cycling outdoors in the winter, a vest will be ideal. A vest will provide your child with more freedom of movement, which will be helpful if they're skiing or skating.

For less strenuous activity, your child may need a vest with extra insulation to maintain a healthy body temperature. Alternatively, your child could wear his or her vest underneath a jacket.

What Insulation Is Best?

Lightweight vests and fleece vests are best for use in mild temperatures. For colder temperatures, vests with lining and insulation are recommended. In the coldest temperatures, puffer vests, water-resistant and waterproof vests will provide the most warmth.

What Special Features Can You Find in Kids Vests?

Vests with stand collars will keep your child's neck warm, and they're ideal for children who don't like wearing scarves. Hand pockets with zippers may help your child store his or her phone and important items too. If you're buying a three-in-one jacket for your child, compatible vests will provide a comfortable fit.