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Explore Kids' Fleece & Softshell Jackets at Moosejaw

Fleece and softshell jackets give your child warmth and weather protection. At Public Lands, you'll find fleece and softshell jackets that work for every outdoor adventure and style.

What Are Fleece Jackets?

Fleece jackets are very soft jackets that are made from an insulating fabric. Fleece jackets repel water, and they're designed to provide warmth. If warmth is your child's main goal, a fleece jacket will be perfect.

What Are Softshell Jackets?

Softshell jackets are more comfortable and breathable than hardshell jackets. Usually, softshell jackets are made from a mixture of nylon, polyester, and spandex. Some softshell jackets may include fleece linings, too.

Softshell jackets have a lot of stretch, and they're built for weather protection. If your child plays outdoor sports in the rain or snow, a softshell jacket will offer ideal protection and performance.

Does Your Child Need a Pullover or a Full-zip Jacket?

Pullover styles are easy to put on, so they're perfect for situations where your child needs to dress quickly. Since they don't have zippers, there are fewer places for cold air to enter.

Fleece and softshell jackets with zippers may make it easier for your child to layer his or her clothing. If your child's jacket gets wet, zippers may make changing clothes easier.

What Special Features Are Available?

Many fleece and softshell jackets include pockets with hand warmers. You can also find sleeves with adjustable cuffs that will keep out cold air. Some sleeves are made with reflective tape for easier visibility at night.

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