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    StrikeMaster Mora Ice Auger


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    Selecting Your Ideal Ice Fishing Gear

    Ice augers, ice fishing rods, and ice fishing shelters are essential for any ice fishing adventure. No matter your budget or skill level, you can find everything you need at Moosejaw.

    Choosing Your Ice Auger

    An ice auger helps you cut a hole in the ice so you can reach the water. When you select an ice auger, remember to keep your physical capabilities in mind.

    If you have strong arms and don't mind doing physical labor, a manual ice auger may suit your needs. Manual ice augers are reliable and eco-friendly, and they're often more affordable than powered augers.

    Powered ice augers are ideal if you have mobility or health issues. Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose electric or gas-powered augers.

    Selecting Your Ice Fishing Rod

    Ice fishing rods have metal tips that help to prevent your line from icing. It's important to choose a rod with a power setting that's appropriate for the fish you want to catch.

    Most ice fishing rods come in a choice of light, medium, or heavy power. Light power works well for catching panfish. Medium power is perfect for catching walleye, and heavy power is ideal if you want to catch pike.

    Finding Your Ice Fishing Shelter

    An ice fishing shelter helps you stay warm while you fish. Depending on your needs, you may want to select a shelter that has removable windows. Many ice fishing shelters include seats and insulated walls.

    If you're fishing with a friend, it's a good idea to choose a shelter that fits two people. Some shelters have partitions so that you can divide the shelter into two rooms.