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    Platypus Big Zip EVO Hydration Reservoir

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      Platypus Big Zip EVO 1.5 L Water Reservoir

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      Explore Hydration Packs at Moosejaw

      Water makes up as much as 60% of the human body. To keep yourself in working order, grab a hydration pack from Public Lands before you head out.

      Better Than a Water Bottle

      For short, easy excursions, water bottles are fine. For anything more complicated, a hydration pack wins. With their built-in water reservoirs, these packs remove the effort of staying hydrated.

      Hydration packs are better than water bottles in three ways:

      • They include tubes that you can use to drink without removing the pack.
      • They carry more water than a bottle.
      • Built-in water reservoirs stay balanced, unlike shifting bottles.

      Liquid Capacity

      Hydration pack reservoirs might carry as little as 1.5 liters though some hold up to three. However, three liters can vanish quickly. Your hydration pack shouldn't be your only water source.

      Even though a pack isn't adequate for all your water needs, it's still worthwhile. Refilling it now and then is much easier than grabbing a bottle every few minutes.

      Packs with higher liquid capacities do have a clear downside: The more water they hold, the heavier they get. Each liter of water weighs over two pounds.


      Liters measure any backpack's interior space. This measurement is separate from how many liters a water reservoir can hold.

      You can fit more supplies into packs with higher liter capacities. For the majority of purposes, packs that hold 30 liters are sufficient. Even experts on long trips often stick to 30-liter packs.

      Other Styles

      Not all hydration packs go on your back. You can also find hydration vests and belts.

      Snap up some of our water purification supplies to make sure you can refill your pack wherever you go.