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Hybrid bikes combine the features of road and mountain bikes. You can use hybrid bikes for commuting on city roads, and they work well for gentle riding on off-road trails. It's helpful to understand how the features of hybrid bikes could work with your riding preferences.

What Type of Suspension Do You Need?

Moosejaw sells hybrid bikes with rigid, front and full suspension options. Although rigid bikes lack suspension, they're suited to many different types of terrain.

They have enough space for front and rear racks. To make a rigid bike more comfortable, you can use wider bike tires to help with shock absorption.

Bikes with front suspension provide cushioning at the front. They offer a nice compromise between rigid and full suspension systems. As the name suggests, bikes with full suspension come with suspension at the front and back of the bike.

Front and full suspension systems can give you more traction and increased control of the handlebars. Generally, front suspension is cheaper than full suspension. If you want a lighter bike with some suspension, you could opt for front suspension.

Generally, full suspension offers the most comfortable ride. However, this type of suspension is the most expensive.

Do You Want an Electric Hybrid?

Electric hybrids have a motor that makes it easier for you to pedal up hills. With assistance from the motor, you may be able to cycle faster than you could with a non-electric bike. Electric hybrids are powered by e-batteries, and many of them have integrated sensors to track your workouts.

When you pick out your new bike, you might want to stock up on some accessories, including helmets. You may be interested in the selection of cycling apparel too.