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Traeger Pro 575 Pellet Grill

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    Traeger Pro 780 Pellet Grill

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    There's nothing like the flavor of smoky, savory grilled meat or vegetables, but choosing a grill can be challenging. Consider your preferences and lifestyle before purchasing one from Moosejaw.

    Grill Types

    Before you grab just any grill, you need to know the difference between charcoal, propane gas, or pellet grills.

    Charcoal grills impart a strong, rich, and smoky taste. The flavor comes from the charcoal itself, which is a form of carbon made from processed wood. These grills can reach scorching temperatures, so they're excellent for searing meat.

    Grills that use propane gas don't impart any flavor. If you use a propane gas grill, you'll have to add extra flavor yourself through seasonings or sauces.

    On the other hand, these grills are very convenient. They don't take long to heat up, and it's easy to control their temperature by turning a knob. Because they run on gas, you don't need to plug them in.

    You can get your meat smoky even with a gas grill if you add wood pellets. Slow smoking will be more complicated than with other grills, though.

    Pellet grills use pellets made of wood from trees like mesquite, hickory, and apple. Each type adds different flavors. These grills don't reach ultra-high temperatures, but this type is an excellent choice if slow smoking is your favorite cooking method.


    If you're a fan of tailgate parties or camping, you need a portable grill. This option is also ideal for small spaces like balconies.

    No grill can reach its full potential without a little help. Don’t forget to browse our grilling accessories to get the best possible results.