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  • Lake Blue
  • Shark
  • Black
Scarpa Men's Mojito Shoe


WAS: $189.00*

  • Shark/Tonic
Scarpa Men's Crux Shoe


WAS: $159.00*

  • Black/Aqua
Scarpa Women's Instinct VS Climbing Shoes


WAS: $208.99 - $209.00*

  • Light Gray
SCARPA Women's Veloce Climbing Shoes

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WAS: $174.99*

  • Black/Flame
SCARPA Men's Reflex V Climbing Shoes

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WAS: $108.99*

Learn More About Climbing Shoes

Climbing Shoes for Rock Climbing & Bouldering

Gear up with climbing shoes for men, women and kids. Find the right climbing shoes for your next adventure with a variety of styles and options.

Not sure which climbing shoes are right for you? Take a look at key features, shoe types and details to find the right rock shoes for you:

Climbing Shoe Shapes: Climbing shoes are available in a variety of shape types, including moderate, neutral and aggressive climbing shoes. Neutral climbing shoes are flat at the bottom and are a comfortable option that requires less time to break in. Moderate climbing shoes are slightly more curved at the bottom than neutral climbing shoes. This shoe type is typically a good option for intermediate climbers. Aggressive climbing shoes are curved in a downturn. This shoe type is good for high-level, technical climbing.

Climbing Shoe Features: Climbing shoes give flexibility, grip and a better feel while climbing. Consider all the features of climbing shoes, like breathability, flexibility, and comfort, before deciding which pair is right for you.

Approach Shoes: Approach shoes are designed to help you safely get to your climb area. With options like slip-on designs and elevated grips, you can find comfortable and durable approach shoes for your next climb.

Find the right climbing shoes for you, then gear up with more climbing essentials like climbing harnesses, climbing hardware, and climbing rope, plus check out our complete climbing gear collection for more.