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    Solo Stove Mini Oak Firewood

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      Biolite Charging Solar Panel 5+

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        Biolite Fast Charge 40 PD

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        Thread Wrist Lanyard

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        Explore Camping Accessories at Moosejaw

        Rope and fire starters are some of the camping accessories you may need for your next camping trip. The tips below will help you choose the best camping accessories for your needs at Moosejaw.

        Understanding Different Types of Rope

        Multi-purpose, braided, and twisted rope options are available at Moosejaw. If you'll be fishing during your camping trip, you may want to purchase braided or double-braided rope made from nylon. These rope styles resist marine growth, rot, and oils, and they're designed to float in the water.

        For boating and general camping needs, multi-purpose rope may suit you best. Multi-purpose rope is made of polypropylene, and it resists stretch and mildew. With a high load limit, multi-purpose rope is strong enough for moving and securing tarps and tents.

        Choosing Quick and Easy Fire Starters

        Depending on your preferences, you may want to use a pull-start fire starter or a strikable fire starter. These options allow you to start a fire without matches.

        To use a pull-start fire starter, you pull down on a red string that's attached to the device. Pull-start fire starters are windproof, and you can use them to light wet wood. These starters will burn for 30 minutes, and they burn an average of two and a half times warmer than other starters.

        Strikable fire starters feature a tip that you use with a striker on the box. Many strikable fire starters are made from vegetable wax, which is a renewable biofuel source. On average, strikable fire starters burn for seven minutes.

        Pull-start fire starters may be easier to use if you're camping in rainy conditions. Strikable fire starters are ideal in dry conditions. Since weather conditions could vary during your trip, you may want to carry two different types of fire starters.

        For added comfort on your camping trip, you may want to shop for new camping tents and camping chairs.