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Explore Bait & Lure Kits at Moosejaw

Bait and lure kits are essential for every fishing trip! Most of the bait and lure kits from Moosejaw include soft bait and artificial lures. These are reusable and durable, so you can use them for many months.

Certain bait and lure kits are better for catching certain types of fish. No matter which fish you're after, this guide will help you find suitable bait and lure options for your needs.

What Are the Differences Between Soft Bait and Artificial Lures?

Soft bait is made of flexible, rubbery material, and it's designed to look like worms, nightcrawlers, or other live bait. Artificial lures are made of hard plastic and metal, and they tend to be brightly colored.

These lures are designed to look like small fish or insects. They use color, movement, and reflection to attract the fish you want to catch.

The Best Uses for Soft Bait

In general, soft bait is recommended when you're fishing in water that's muddy or discolored. You'll want to use soft bait if you're fishing at night. It's helpful for fishing in cold weather too. If you're fishing for fish that eat vegetarian diets, soft bait is particularly useful.

Ideal Uses for Artificial Lures

Artificial lures are ideal for use in warmer weather, and they work very well in water that's relatively clear. They're especially beneficial for catching aggressive or predatory fish.

Choosing Lures

Spinnerbaits are made of thin metal, and they include a blade that spins. Designed to look like minnows or other small fish, spinnerbaits are ideal for catching pike, bass, and other predatory fish. Crankbaits and spoons also work well for catching predatory fish.

If you're catching freshwater fish, you could try using jigs. Are you ready for your fishing trip? Make sure to check out fishing apparel and fishing boots.