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Winter Jackets

You can’t be kept from trekking through the brisk, arctic landscape - so you had better be prepared. Even if your schedule is a little less daunting than that, gearing up for winter weather shouldn’t be a chore. But maybe you just aren’t sure what jacket is the perfect fit for your frosty escapades. Don’t fret, friend: Let us guide you towards premium polar protection, with the best cold weather brands in the world ready to shield you from the elements.

But don’t assume that these jackets are all function and no form. Keeping warm is as important as looking good, and we aren’t about to sleep on you stylish go-getters out there. Bridled with an unbeatable passion for a great look, coupled with a drive to be the best in any situation? That’s something we can definitely get behind here at Moosejaw.

Maybe the only thing on your mind is finding the most rugged coat in existence, less concerned with the aesthetic bells and whistles. First, none of our jackets are outfitted with actual bells and whistles (stop requesting this) and secondly, we have just what you brave alpine explorers need. The perfect winter jacket for you, ready for whatever your adventure may be. Even if you’re just grabbing the mail.

Down Jackets & Insulated Jackets

Down Jackets

Down Jackets: Perfect for heading up the trail or just heading downtown, down insulation can help keep you warm when the temperature drops low, forcing freezing temperatures to be a non-factor on your journeys. Down insulation is reliably lightweight, allowing you to pack some serious warmth in your new coat without adding an unnecessary level of bulk to the mix. Everything is treated with super capable durable water repellent, keeping you dry and allowing the down feathers to hold their effectiveness.

Synthetic Insulation Jackets: The yin to the down insulation yang, synthetic insulation provides top-notch insulation for those who aren’t fond of packing their jackets full of animal feathers - or those who prefer a jacket that holds no chance of losing its power in rain or snow. Reliably light and capable, different brands have crafted their own proprietary synthetic insulations in a way that ensures a little something for everybody. Will it be Patagonia’s ultra-light, easily packable PrimaLoft insulation, or an Arcteryx jacket offering CoreLoft insulation in the torso, arms, and hood? Either way your jacket will be easily layered or worn alone, keeping you cozy and warm all day long.

Casual Winter Jackets: Casual winter jackets are for the casual individual – you know, those who consider themselves casual outdoor enthusiast, or perhaps a casual antique collector. Appropriate for just about any situation, these jackets are perfect for those who seek to be ready for whatever may come their way, like a spontaneous hike or an enthusiastic lounging session. And know that no matter what happens: You will be looking good. There’s no need to be forced into a jacket that isn’t as versatile as your lifestyle, and these coats speak to that.

Waterproof &
Softshell Jackets

Shell Jackets

Softshell Jackets: People say "going soft" like it's a bad thing, but these softshell jackets are quite the opposite. They’re pretty amazing when you think about it, providing protection from the elements without any kind hindrance on mobility and giving you durability without any unnecessary heft. These jackets are engineered for high levels of breathability and mobility while still providing ample protection, throwing stretchable fabric and wind-resistance into the mix.

Waterproof Jackets: Torrential downpours have nothing on you. Sure, some form of awful rain isn’t the only sort of bad weather you have to look out for – and that’s just what makes a killer waterproof jacket a key piece of your outerwear defense. Packed full of Gore-Tex and a wealth of other reliable tech, these jackets are your be-all and end-all when it comes to extreme element protection. Not content in solely keeping the rain and snow out, most waterproof jackets use insulated lining to keep warmth exactly where it should be, with the cold, stinging weather left out in the…well, cold.

Sweet Winter Jacket Brands

The North Face

Winter jackets from The North Face are known for durability and good looks, with their game plan based around a desire to create some of the best looking and most functional outerwear on the planet. With everything from adaptable Triclimate coats to cozy down insulated jackets to light fleece hoodies ready line their collection, you’ll be prepared for anything.

Patagonia Winter Jackets

Patagonia winter jackets are renowned for their classic style and unwavering quality. From the ultra-warm Patagonia Down Sweater, an awesome down insulated jacket available for men and for women, to some killer hardshell jackets, you have the ability to be super light and very waterproof. You know, if you want to be. Do whatever you want.

Arcteryx Winter Jackets

Featuring a name that is synonymous with quality, friends and family alike will know you came prepared when you show up in your Arcteryx winter jacket. Their feature packed lineup of jackets and coats runs the gamut of outstanding features, capping off capable jackets with incredible looks. Think you aren’t able to turn heads and blaze trails? Think again, with Arcteryx.

Mountain Hardwear Winter Jackets

Looking to have some fun? Get into it, and enjoy yourself some amazing build quality and innovation from the folks at Mountain Hardwear. Partnered with Gore-Tex to create some weather-besting waterproof winter jackets, you can be ready to tackle pretty much any occasion. Spend more time on the slopes and ensure you’re able to take on any weekend excursion. Winter isn’t an obstacle, it’s an experience, with Mountain Hardwear winter jackets.