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Top Ten Excuses to Skip Work and Go Hiking

There's something magical about calling in to work to go hiking. Just knowing that your dumb co-workers are stuck inside makes the light shine brighter and the air taste a lil' bit sweeter. Here are some excuses for you to use the next time you decide to play hooky.

My Tamagotchi only lasted about a week.

10. Tamagotchi finally passed. Taking time to mourn.

We can all relate to this one. The sheer heartbreak you feel after you had been so diligent, feeding your little guy, taking him on walks, throwing a ball probably. Nobody can prepare themselves for the type of emotions they'll go through when this type of thing happens. Surely your boss will understand that you can't possibly come to work in such a state of severe mental distress.

Well. I guess just keep walking.

9. Got lost, will try again tomorrow

Getting to work isn't easy, we all know that. Some days are better than others and maybe this just isn't one of the good ones. Tell your boss you took a wrong turn somewhere along the line and before you knew it you were heading back the way you came. Oh well, too late now. Might as well just go home and try it all again tomorrow.

Now i'm stuck. Welp can't go to work.

8. Stepped on both shoelaces, each with the opposite foot and am stuck

This would be quite the predicament. Think of all the time you'd need to plot out your next move. There's no way anyone will think this is a made up scenario that you saw on the internet somewhere. If you use this one, enjoy your hike but keep in mind that your boss now thinks you're incompetent.

Are you sure that is a spider and not a dinosaur?

7. Large spider near door

This is probably the safest bet on this list. It's relatable and to the point. You can't use it too many times though or people will think you live in some sort of disgusting spider nest. Just typing "spider nest" makes me want to take a shower and burn all of my clothes.

Just have to sleep it off. My leg will be healed tomorrow.

6. Broke my leg. Gonna sleep it off.

No reasonable person will expect you to go in to work with a broken leg. The problem will be the next day when you walk into work and aren't screaming in agony. So you're either gonna have to get a cast, scream in agony, and really commit or just say that all it needed was some good old fashioned R&R.

Just have to get a tooth pulled.

5. Dentist appointment - this one isn't great if you're a dentist

Ok, as long as you don't work in a dentist's office, this should be no issue. Everybody needs to clean their stupid teeth at some point. Act like you've got some major problems by saying "ouch, my mouth" or something, when you call in.

Forgot my keys. Wait i'm home so I just take a nap.

4. Forgot my keys and when I turned to go back inside I thought I was just getting home and took a nap.

This is an excuse as old as time itself. You'll be free to hike without a care in the world because there won't be any questions at all and you for sure won't get fired.

Weekend party time!

3. Thought it was the weekend and am already in weekend mode.

This will be a relief for your boss. Trust me, they don't want weekend you anywhere near the office. Co-workers can only handle so much drunken "my band coulda made it big" talk. You're in the clear with this one.

My kid has a 250 degree temp. Gonna skip work today.

2. Sick kid.

If you can't think of an excuse for yourself just go with this classic. What are they gonna do, fire your kid? This one is a bit tricky if you don't have a kid, which brings us to the next one....

I'll be in tomorrow. I'm having a baby today.

1. Having a kid. Be in tomorrow

Boom. The ultimate excuse. You really think people have as many kids as they say they do? Yeah right, they're just after those sweet, sweet trail days.

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