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Top Ten Outdoor Activities to Impress a Hottie

Trying to impress a hottie is not a great reason to get into an activity, buuuuut there are certain generalizations that go along with them. If you're wondering what people will assume about you based on what sports you're into, and how to swing that to your advantage.... here's a very basic list.


10. Joggling

This won't impress anybody. I only put it on this list to make a point of saying that this activity should be avoided or kept secret. Joggling is a combination of jogging and juggling. But let me please stress, if you feel like jogging, go jogging. If you also feel like juggling, for the love of all things holy, just juggle when you get back.


9. Running

Runners have the reputation of being in good health and caring about their bodies. People respect that. In fact, even if you aren't currently in the best shape, making it known that you're a runner tells people that you're putting in some effort. So as long as you say, "I've been running a lot recently," hotties might be able to overlook the visible strain of so many years of not exercising.

Obstacle Racing

8. Obstacle Racing

Telling somebody that you're into obstacle racing is like telling them, "Yeah, I like to stay in shape, plus nothing can stand in my way." So it has the added bonus of implying you're a problem solver. Whatever obstacles life throws at you, you're gonna prevail. What's that in your way? Some tires? Oh, no big deal. *Step. Step. Step.*


7. Yoga

Yoga is a great way to reach physical, mental and spiritual balance. Plus you can get all bendy. Recent studies indicate that people are attracted to bendy people. For instance, Gumby is cleaning up.


6. Backpacking

Backpackers are seen as outdoorsy and maybe woodsy and sometimes smelly. Those are the stereotypes you have to work with. Being outdoorsy is cool though, like you're back in the frontier days. It says you can be comfortable in your surroundings, no matter what surrounds you. Plus they carry their homes on their backs, kinda like turtles. Everybody loves turtles.

Mountain Biking

5. Mountain Biking

It's got "mountain" in the name, so people's imaginations can run wild. Just pedal over some hills at a local trail, then go tell everybody you were mountain biking.... you aren't even lying.


4. Snowboarding

Depending on where you live, winters can be tough. Cold, snowy, bad roads, ice, etc. A lot of people go the bear route and hibernate indoors until it warms up, but not snowboarders. This is a great way to prove that you're not a couch potato. But you can still be a couch potato most of the time.


3. Surfing

Cowabunga. Surfs up. Tubular. I don't actually surf, and I'm guessing surfers don't actually use those words I just listed, but what a fun thought. Like a group of people trapped in the early '80s, laid back and just having a good time. It's a pretty enviable attitude to have in this day and age, so embrace it.


2. Climbing

The beauty about climbing, besides the exhilarating nature of the sport, is that most people currently don't know a lot about it. You can come across as some badass explorer pushing the very limits of safety and common sense. Toying with Death as a hobby. So brave. In all reality, you can just head to the climbing gym and boulder a little.


1. Kayaking

Take up kayaking and tell everybody you own a boat. "Taking the boat out after work today." It's as easy as that.

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