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Go Far. Feel Good.

Smartwool started with socks way back in 1994. The performance fabric has always been about merino wool, plain and simple. This natural product is renewable, coming from sheep, and just keeps on growing. It's claim to fame is it regulates body temperature, whether it's cold or warm outside. Designed to layer, Smartwool products aren't just about socks, but they certainly make your feet feel good too. Super soft and ready to be worn all times of the year, just to make you comfortable. The pièce de résistance? It's naturally odor resistant, 'cause stinky just isn't that fun, even in the outdoors. It's all backed by Smartwool's Go Far. Feel Good. Guarantee, so you're always satisfied. Go farther in your outdoor adventures.

Women's Smartwool

Ladies, Smartwool is the merino wool brand you need next to your skin. Soft, breathable, and temperature regulating to keep you active in the outdoors. All year round. There are options featuring 100% merino wool or others that are blended with nylon, recycled nylon, or elastane for increased durability. Either way, Smartwool keeps the body feeling comfortable when you're in the outdoors (and heck, indoors too). Head to toe. It's a full-body experience when you're looking at top and bottom base layers, socks, gloves, and even hats.

Women's Smartwool
Women's Smartwool at Moosejaw

Men's Smartwool

Gents, Smartwool is here with merino wool, 100% merino options, as well as blended fabrics, for temperature regulation during outdoor adventure. Layering is where it's at for all-day comfort in varying temperatures, and the fun all begins with a solid pair of socks and some undies. If you're headed out to the trails, a base layer can't be forgotten, then consider an activewear piece after that. While merino wool is naturally odor resistant, it's recommended to snag a few casual pieces if you're looking to head out on the town post-excursion.

Men's Smartwool
Men's Smartwool at Moosejaw

Smartwool Base Layers

Smartwool brings you tried, true, and super soft base layers for every outdoor adventure. Made from merino wool, the natural fiber comes from Merino sheep, wicks moisture away from the skin, and resists odors. Lightweight options for summer, heavyweight for winter, and all season options for those times you (or the weather) just can't decide. The merino wool next-to-skin is ultra cozy, temperature regulating, and ready for another mile up the trail. Bottom line, it's the first thing you put on before heading out, and it'll keep you cool in the heat and warm in the cold.

Smartwool Base Layers
Smartwool Base Layers at Moosejaw

Smartwool Socks

Ditch the soggy cotton and slide your feet into a pair of Smartwool socks. When your feet are happy, you're happy. The merino wool regulates temperature and wicks moisture for consistent comfort on the trails, bike, or snoozing on the couch. Since their performance socks are blended with nylon(recycled and new), and elastane, they're built to last. Keep an eye out for Indestructawool™ and the Virtually Seamless™ toe for even more robustness, while the 4 Degree™ elite fit system provides a stay-put fit as it hugs the arch.

Smartwool Socks
Smartwool Socks at Moosejaw

Smartwool Clothing

Smartwool clothing comes in many shapes, sizes, and forms. Sure, they started with socks, but your feet aren't the only thing that gets love around here. Casual wear to active wear, dress up from head to toe in merino wool. Their casual wear line will look good on the streets, remain comfortable throughout the day, and get you excited for another adventure outdoors. Changing into their active wear, you'll be pushing hard during the next trail run or bike ride with total confidence. The merino wool natural fibers are here to regulate temperature, whether you're in town or physically active.

Smartwool Clothing
Smartwool Clothing at Moosejaw
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