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Ski Jackets

Almost nothing in life is mandatory. Yeah, you love hitting the slopes, feeling the brisk wind hit your face as you hurtle down the curve of the alpine landscape - but let's be honest, you don't need to wear anything while you do this. Chances are, though, you're interested in your personal well-being, overall physical safety, and all that other relatively important stuff. What does that mean? Equipping your naked body with the best jacket for the job might not be such a bad idea.

As a matter of fact, it's a great idea. We've curated a collection of some of the best ski jackets known to man, ensuring those cold weather adventures of yours to be as wildly happy and fun as humanly possible.

Men, women, and kids alike will find a wealth of kickass coats built from the latest and greatest technologies like Gore-tex, Primaloft, and premium down insulation, meaning no matter what you're looking for in a new jacket you'll be sure to find it from Moosejaw. These jackets are also packed full of premium features including powder skirts, goggle pockets, removable hoods, and zippered vents. These jackets have everything unless what you're looking for involves jackets that include crayon dispensers and glitter zippers. We don't have those. Not yet.

Ski Jackets by Gender

Men's Ski Jackets: Is it not completely obvious that modern skiing men need men's ski jackets? Oh, It's not? That's a little odd, seeing as how it's essentially implied in the name, but don't fret. You're one click away from being immersed in a bona fide celebration of the male winter experience, top-of-the-body style. These ski jackets are the real deal, designed to keep you warm in spite of the untamed arctic wilderness; they'll keep you even warmer if you happen to wear one indoors. They are meant for outdoor wearing, but since when have you followed the rules? Do yourself a favor and fall in line (or don’t) with the best a winter-bound man can get.

Women's Ski Jackets: Believe it or not, these new women's ski jackets will make you want to sing, and if that's not your thing, they'll probably make you want to dance. You want to actually do a little skiing in your new ski jacket? That's absolutely a part of the deal, with these women's ski jackets perfect for the cold weather that awaits you. We have the latest tech and most recent styles at your disposal, so you'll be looking great while conquering the slopes. Kind of makes you want to break out into song, doesn't it? Singing while skiing? Harder than it sounds, but you're a pro, you've got this.

Kids' Ski Jackets: The little ones, they love this stuff. I mean, kids love everything, right? Loud noises, bright lights, booger flavored ice cream. Alright, maybe we don't know anything about kids, but we're pretty sure they'll find something to love with our kids' ski jackets. Big time fashion for pint sized winter warriors, these cold weather coats are made by the same brands you'd find in our men and women collections, just shrunk down to provide a perfect fit for the tykes in your life.

Down and Insulated Ski Jackets

These are ski jackets after all, and chances are you won't be taking them with you on your island hopping escapade - they're made for the chilly backwoods, designed to be your partner as you trek along the cold, wintery wonderland. When your plan involves some serious quality time with the great outdoors, proper insulation is key to not getting a nasty case of "Freeze-n-Die". The insulation technology here is great at keeping things breathable without sacrificing any of that precious warmth in the process, giving you the chance to keep things light so you can still pull off those super sick, super sweet jumps and tricks and board grabs or whatever. Get into down insulation to keep things light and warm, or try out synthetic insulation to rock a lining that’s definitively weather-proof. These are jackets full of prime insulating know-how, allowing you to keep your precious heat where it belongs.

Waterproof Ski Jackets

Keeping warm is only half the battle. What good is holding all that heat if you're a gross, sopping wet mess of a person? It's not like the ski hills are littered with some sort of weird snow substitute; last we checked that stuff is cold and wet. Your time in the ski lodge is much better spent chatting up some hot little number than drying off your wearables, so a little bit of waterproofing could do you some good. And what do you know, we have a solid collection of waterproof ski jackets, just for you. With technologies like Gore-tex, eVent, PreCip, and other proprietary materials to keep things breathable yet keep water out. Perfect for layering, many of these waterproof jackets are shells, built so you can keep it light and you can decide your level of insulation. This gives you the chance to be accommodating to the ever-changing weather conditions outside if you're into that whole variables thing. Regardless of whether you're up for light and loose or heavy and hearty, these waterproof ski coats will match your alpine needs, whatever they may be.

Sweet Ski Jacket Brands

Outdoor Research: This Seattle-based outdoor company outfits some of the most top-of-the-line skiers and snowboarders. Whether your focus is on temperature regulation on the uphill or staying toasty on the lift, Outdoor Research has some of the most technologically advanced and purpose-built jackets the industry has to offer. For example, the Active Insulation used in their synthetic jackets is perfect for long treks in the backcountry with variable conditions. They even have STRETCHY Gore-tex in key sections of their ski shells. That's right, they have panels of stretchy waterproof Gore-tex in key areas that give you a full range of motion. I mean, what more could you ask for?

Norrona: Based in Norway where some of the best ski slopes in the world call home, Norrona jackets are a beauty on their own. Norrona makes down jackets that are crazy warm, and really unbelievably lightweight. Nothing makes you feel better than a light jacket that keeps you warm all day long. Looking for something waterproof and moisture-wicking? Their Gore-tex shells with PrimaLoft synthetic insulation are some of the best when mother nature decides to turn it up to 11. Sealed seams help maximize waterproofing and strategically placed zippers in the pits and on the chest accommodate breathability even when you're carrying a backpack. What we're trying to say is if you’re in the market for a new environmentally friendly, functional, comfortable jacket, set of bibs, or pair of pants (and more), you've come to the right place.

Columbia: Columbia is known for making awesome products that have some of the most advanced proprietary tech on the market including Omni-Tech and Omni-Heat which use reflective material to bounce body heat back to you. Using awesome fabrics and methods, there are no games when it comes to a Columbia jacket, you get what you pay for with this company. You get waterproof, breathable, and lightweight jackets. Check out Columbia ski jackets, they're creme de la creme in the ski jacket market.

Marmot: Marmot makes sweet jackets, with really streamlined designs, and bold colors that spell awesome. We Moosejaw love awesome, so we highly recommend you check these jackets out. We aren't the only ones that love them, their outerwear and gear are consistently winning "gear of the year" awards from sources such as Outside Magazine, National Geographic, Backpack Magazine, and many more. By using the latest advancements in technology alongside some of the most forward-thinking designers in the business, Marmot is able to produce active apparel that is industry-leading in its look and function.

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