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Way back when, in 1929, Norrona started their outdoor gear and apparel brand with the help of Norway's harsh environment. Created out of a need for quality, durable gear, it began with leather, canvas and cotton. Packs and clothing that are built to perform on your greatest adventures. Clothing that protects against the rain, wind and snow, by using GORE-TEX, incorporating sustainable materials as well as not forgetting about style. They have created a roadmap for a sustainable platform, which has already taken them from 2% of nylon products being recycled (2014) all the way up to 84% of nylon products being recycled now. Bring along the Viking spirit to your next climb, ski, hike or snowboard trip.

Men's Norrona

Premium clothing and outerwear to keep you outdoors whether you're hiking, skiing, mountaineering or biking. Jackets, pants and bibs built with GORE-TEX for waterproof protection, insulated pieces to combat the cold and durable items to take on the rough terrain. Fleece to keep warm as well as wool and synthetic base layers to wick moisture and dry fast. Stay comfortable in your environment during the every adventure and become a viking legend yourself by conquering the mountain, trail, ski slopes and more.

Men's Norrona
Men's Norrona Apparel at Moosejaw

Women's Norrona

Apparel for women that love to ski, snowboard, hike, mountaineer and mountain bike. The company that hails from Norseland is eager to help maintain comfort during your adventure by outfitting you from head to toe. Start with a base layer, move into a midlayer for warmth, insulation pieces as necessary and finish off the kit with a waterproof, breathable outerwear piece. Everything you need to layer up, just give and take as the weather or excursion calls. Durable yet movement friendly so your journey won't be slowed.

Women's Norrona
Women's Norrona Apparel at Moosejaw

Norrona Jackets

Norrona features a range of jackets to help you through each and every outdoor adventure. Whether it's a GORE-TEX, one-quiver option to cover all of your favorite activities or an insulated piece specifically for your ski days. Warming pieces utilizing fleece, lightweight, waterproof jackets to deter the rain as well as softshells to kick the wind while allowing your upper body to breathe better during intense physical activity. Keep your upper body comfortable and confident with the viking logo at your chest.

Norrona Jackets
Norrona Jackets at Moosejaw

Norrona Clothing

Clothing from the Norwegian company Norrona brings day to day comfort during outdoor excursions. Hikers, skiers, mountaineers and bikers start first with a base layer that lies next-to-skin. They have already been committed to using more sustainable materials, from organic cotton to recycled polyester as well as preferred wool. What that means for you is breathable, moisture-wicking and fast drying comfort on and off the mountain. Yep, they've got tees and tops too so you can treat yourself to a lifestyle piece for your days off.

Norrona Clothing
Norrona Clothing at Moosejaw
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