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Since 2002 NEMO has put thoughtful design into everything they make, with the desire to enjoy the adventure at the forefront. The name New England Mountain Equipment doesn't just show off its roots, but tips its hat to the fictional Captain Nemo of Jules Verne's adventures. Working out of New Hampshire, NEMO is close to both mountains and ocean, so they can quickly test product in some of the worst weather, or just enjoy the surf. For NEMO, sustainability starts with creating product that lasts longer and then repairing products that become damaged. They also work to develop safer durable water repellents as well as use 100#% RDS certified down. Starting with tents and their AirSupported Technology®, they debuted in 2004, drawing attention from all angles, from media and the outdoor industry. While awards pile up, NEMO continues to do what they do best: design and only bring to market that which makes a meaningfully better experience.

NEMO Tents

NEMO Equipment tents are your home away from home. The shelter in the outdoors while you sleep or just a place to hunker down from the rain to play a rousing game of solitaire. The wide range includes ultralight for backpacking, ultra-packable for bikepacking, super robust for mountaineering and classic camping tents for the whole family. Whether it's a quick-pitch needed after a record mileage day of hiking or something with a front porch for relaxing at the campground or music festival, there are lots of options. There is even a tent for taking a shower.

NEMO Tents
NEMO Tents at Moosejaw

NEMO Sleeping Bags

NEMO sleeping bags will keep you toasty warm and comfortable through the nights spent sleeping outdoors. Available in synthetic or down insulation for a variety of temperature ranges. Packable mummy bags geared toward mountaineering adventure, backpacking and bikepacking, while rectangular bags feature home-like comfort when car camping. Choose a single bag or a cushy double bag for you and your love. Many of the bags feature Thermo Gills⃨ for venting body heat without allowing cold drafts to sneak in the other way, so you can regulate your temperature without sacrificing the warmth.

NEMO Sleeping Bags
NEMO Sleeping Bags at Moosejaw

NEMO Sleeping Pads

NEMO has a little something for everyone, choose from closed cell foam, self-inflating, or air sleeping pads. All in the name of a good night's sleep, starting with keeping you off the cold, hard ground. Available in a variety of thicknesses, R-values, shapes and sizes all dial into the type of adventure you're going on, climate you're exploring in and personal preferences. Plus, double wide pads to make it easier to snuggle with your loved one. Tough enough for the outdoors, soft enough for a good night's sleep.

NEMO Sleeping Pads
NEMO Sleeping Pads at Moosejaw

NEMO Camp Comfort

Once you've made it to camp, NEMO is prepared to help you relax. Choose a comfy chair to sit back in while watching the fire and enjoying a beverage of your choice. Options that keep you low to the ground or higher up, leaning back or sitting up a little bit straighter. Smaller and lighter or bigger with a bit of weight but more comfort. Perhaps it's taking a quick shower to remove all that sweat and dirt you've acquired during your chosen aventure. Recline your way into luxury in the outdoors, all fresh and clean from your own personal shower.

NEMO Camp Furniture

NEMO Camp Showers
NEMO Camp Comfort at Moosejaw
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