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Moosejaw, sliding into your life with the best outdoor gear, and having the most fun doing it since 1992. We're here to backpack, climb, french kiss, trail run, and mountaineer our way through nature. Hats and t-shirts with our logo have been hanging around for years, and now we've done a deep dive into the world of comfort camping. Glamping if you will, but a bit more technical as well as sustainable too. The outdoors are great, and all the more fun when you're totally relaxed out there. Pull up the Slounger Reclining Camp Chair, set an Ice Fort or Chilladilla Cooler next to it, and kick back. One of our Comfortress Tents with all the proper sleep gear inside will be ready when it's time to tuck in for the night.


In case you didn't already know, science recognizes at least 17 distinct species of penguin. The smallest species can weigh as little as 2 lbs and the largest can weigh up to 100 lbs. Penguins have excellent hearing, and penguins do not fart. Coincidence? The fastest species can reach swimming speeds of 22 mph, which is about 4 times faster than the human speed record at the Olympics. Penguins have built-in tuxedos, so they're good to go, but humans are required by law to wear clothing in most public places. That's why we created a line of Moosejaw clothing. Check it out!

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Let's take a moment to reflect on how important and impressive fungi are. Technically speaking, the largest terrestrial organism on Earth is the humongous honey fungus (Armillaria solidipes). They measured one of these out in Oregon that spanned 3.4 miles across! We see the mushrooms above ground, but it's the vast network of mycelium beneath the soil that blows my mind. Mycelium is a system of tiny fungal tubes that communicates with plants and trees and shares nutrients back and forth through their roots. When you're done studying you should shop for some Moosejaw threads. Peace.

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One time in a meeting I pitched we should start calling the outdoors the outwalls. Our homes and buildings have way more walls than doors, so it makes sense and everyone would for sure copy us. MMB didn't speak to me for weeks, but he'll probably never read this. Whatever your favorite activities are in the outwalls, Moosejaw outerwear can keep you warm, dry, and lookin' decent during the cooler fall and winter months. Check out insulated jackets and pants that are great for skiing and other snow sports, down jackets and vests for everyday comfort and warmth during cold winter temps, and softshell jackets ideal for unpredictable weather days.

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Moosejaw makes the best logowear shirts and hoodies around, period. Yeah, I said it. How could I be so bold? Well, they fit like an absolute dream, they're softer than the softest puppies, and you can choose from designs ranging from subtle and stoic to wacky and whimsical. Take your pick, you simply can't go wrong with some new Moosejaw Logowear. And if you think this is a joke and wanna argue over these facts, we can take it outside. You know what? I'm sorry. For real, that was not cool. Sometimes I get a little too aggressive before lunchtime. Let's hug it out.

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My dad used to tell me to wear a hat during winter because we lose like half of our body heat through our heads. Now the internet says my dad was totally lying to me all along and it's more like ten percent. Not cool, internet. In reality, all my dad had to say was that my hair looked terrible and I would have put a hat on immediately. The Moosejaw brand offers a variety of accessories to keep your head, neck and hands covered when you're outdoors. Find ball caps and trucker hats that help keep the sun out of your eyes, and winter poms and beanies great for everything from skiing to tailgating. You can also shop scarves and neck gaiters for added warmth, and touchscreen compatible gloves.

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Ah the campgrounds. Camping season is what Moosejaw lives for, when you're outdoors and having yourself a time. Sure, you can go on an adventure, but relaxing in the Slounger Reclining Camp Chair and sleeping on the Comfster XXL Cot or Ginormo XL Self-inflating Sleeping Pad are just as important. We've also brought you the Comfortress Tents for shelter through the storms, with plenty of space to spread out inside. Snoozilla Sleeping Bags warm the night, and we've got plenty more camp gear to go along for the trip. Pack the station wagon, grab the kids, and light the fire ASAP.

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