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We have been getting a crazy amount of love for Moosejaw stickers lately. Soooo much love in fact, that we ran out of our whole supply in a couple of weeks. We're getting more made, but in the meantime we're pulling the request form down so that people don't think a sticker's on the way when it's definitely not.

Check back soon to see if we're back in stock.

BTW, if you're totally desperate for a sticker, we saved enough to put in our outbound orders until the bulk sticker order comes in. Just sayin'... you'd look great in a Moosejaw Tee!

Fun rules and info about the 20% Off One Full Price Item deal:

  • The 20% off is for Moosejaw Rewards members only. New members enroll free at Checkout.
  • Does not apply to previous purchases.
  • You must use code BIGPRETZEL during checkout or the promo won't work and everyone will be very mad
  • Limit one discount per order.
  • Promotion runs through 5/30/22.
  • Exclusions apply.

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