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With the Moosejaw Rewards Program, you can earn Moosejaw Reward Dollars (MJ$) on every purchase, which can then be used to purchase gear and clothing at either discounted prices or no cost (a.k.a. free). You can see your current balance by checking your account and can apply them as a payment type during checkout. Use your Moosejaw Reward Dollars to get a Moosejaw tee, a North Face fleece, an Fjallraven pack, or some Smartwool socks.


Shop for anything on Moosejaw.com or in one of Our Shops.


Opt-in to Moosejaw Rewards for FREE during checkout (or within 30 days after)


Earn 10% back in MJ$ as soon as your order ships (2.5% on discounted items)


Apply your MJ$ during checkout to get more awesome gear for way less


Use up all of your MJ$ within 2 years of earning to avoid expiring

Recent Changes:

Beginning August 2019, new privacy legislation requires that all users (even current users) must agree to the Program Terms & Conditions and formally opt-in to the program to earn and redeem MJ$. It's a one-time thing and only takes a minute. Just log in to your account, click the check box, and then the Join Rewards Program button.

The more you shop the greater the perks
when you reach High Altitude status.

Click for the deets


How much does the program cost to join?

Zero, zilch, nada.

On which items can I earn MJ$?

All items we sell are eligible with the exception of gift cards. Full-priced items earn 10% back while discounted items earn 2.5%. That includes items on sale or discounted via coupon code or use of MJ$. You do not earn MJ$ for shipping or tax charges, only from the item value.

MJ$ earnings are calculated based off of an item's price, minus any MJ$ spent as payment on your order. Basically, you earn MJ$ on the part of your order that you don't pay for with MJ$. If you have multiple items on your order, the MJ$ spent will be distributed as payment for each item proportionately to each item's percentage value of the order subtotal. You are also only taxed on the part of your order that you don't pay for with MJ$.

Every so often, we'll have special offers where you can earn bonus MJ$, like an additional 10%, 20% or 40% back. So if we are running a 50% back special offer, and you buy a regular-priced item for $100.00, you will receive MJ$10.00 in base points, and a bonus of MJ$40. These special offers may have a cap on how many bonus MJ$ you earn during the promotion, but you will always earn the base Reward Dollars. Make sure to check us out on our social channels for other ways to win some extra MJ$! You don't get any MJ$ when you buy a gift card, but you do get MJ$ when you spend a gift card. Sorry gift givers. You're welcome gift receivers.

How do I check my MJ$ balance?

Just sign-in on any page. We'll also show you any available MJ$ during checkout.

How do I apply my MJ$ to an order?

Sign-in to your account during checkout and then apply your MJ$ in the payment section. You can also use when buying something in one of our stores.

When do MJ$ expire?

Customers have 30-days from making an order to opt-in to the program and claim their MJ$. Once claimed, MJ$ must be redeemed within 2 years from the date earned or they expire.

What happens to MJ$ when I make a return?

If you return an item, we deduct the MJ$ earned. If you used the MJ$ and your balance is less than deduction, then your refund is reduced by the difference.

Do existing Moosejaw Rewards members have to opt-in?

Yep. We know it sounds a little crazy, but we still need you to formally opt-in and accept the terms and conditions. Existing customers will have until June 28, 2020 to opt-in. After that, any unused MJ$ will be voided. We really, really don't want to take anything away, but that's how the program has to work to meet new privacy legislation. So please opt-in so we don't feel terrible.

Can I review the Terms & Conditions about the Program?

Yes. All that information can be found on our Rewards Program Terms and Conditions page.

High Altitude Rewards Program

We created the Moosejaw High Altitude program to recognize the coolest, the bravest, the smartest.... and, let's face it, the people who spend the most money on Moosejaw.com and in Moosejaw Stores. As part of the High Altitude program, users can qualify for tiers based on their prior year spend for benefits which can include up to all of the following: exclusive access to private promotions, early access to key sales promotions, key shipping benefits, an annual gift, VIP phone support, and free shipping on returns.

The higher your High Altitude Status, the more perks you get, and the more bragging rights you have over your friends and enemies. It's kinda like those airlines miles programs, but instead of more legroom and free booze, you get more swag and free shipping (though we should look at that booze thing). Perks of Earning Moosejaw Rewards High Altitude Status Perks of Earning Moosejaw Rewards High Altitude Status

Boring Rules and Info About the Extra 20% off Clearance Styles thing:

  • This deal cannot be combined with other offers and cannot be applied to prior purchases.
  • You must enter code LEAFPILE for the code to work.
  • While supplies last.
  • Exclusions may apply.
  • Offer valid through October 2nd, 2022.
  • Sorry for being so mean about it.

Fun Rules and Info About the 20% Off One Full-Priced Climbing Item thing:

  • You must use code CLIMBALOT to take the 20% off one full-priced item.
  • The deal is only on in stock items.
  • Deal cannot be applied to prior purchases or with other promotions.
  • Load bearing climbing equipment, like a harness or carabiner, is final sale by law so if you don't like your climbing stuff just hang it on your wall to impress your friends - sorry for being so mean about it.
  • The code is only good through October 2nd, 2022.
  • Some exclusions apply.
  • Not all climbing brands are included.

Boring Rules and Info About the 25% Off the Best Climbing Gear deal:

  • Not all items are 25% off.
  • Does not apply to all climbing brands.
  • Cannot be applied to previous purchases.
  • Sale runs through October 2nd, 2022.
  • Sorry, our lawyer is super crabby today.

FREE Shipping Offers:

Bike Shipping Info and Offers:

  • Get FREE 4-6 Day Ground Shipping on all bike accessory orders over $49.00.
  • Complete bikes will ship 4-6 Day for $4.95