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Check Out Our Favorite Gear and Brands for Playing in the Water This Summer
Check Out Our Favorite Gear and Brands for Playing in the Water This Summer
  • Oru Kayak at Moosejaw
  • NRS at Moosejaw
  • Columbia at Moosejaw
  • Connelly at Moosejaw
  • Simms at Moosejaw
  • Orvis at Moosejaw
  • BOTE at Moosejaw
  • Ocean Kayak at Moosejaw


Kayaks come in a variety of lengths and types, and since the warm seasons are upon us, let's get started. The shorter the boat, the easier they are to turn, but if you've got the need for speed, get something longer. Wide equals super stable, but will slow you down as well. Whether you're looking for a more chill on-water vibe or something that gets your heart pumping, there is something for everyone. Roto-molded, inflatable, foldable, they all do the very important job of floating on your preferred body of water.

Kayaks & Gear PFDs
Kayaking Gear and PFDs at Moosejaw


Fill the ballast bags and get that wake riding high. Dial up the volume to 11 with your favorite jams and hit it. Those out there just trying their best to get their butt up and out of the water, to the seasoned vets, there is much fun to be had for all. Wakeboarding is a summertime right, just don't forget your PFD, and forget about the PDFs on your laptop. Ditch the slalom ski and give it a go, goofy or regular. Nervous about trying? The boat could always use a spotter. Safety first, but please laugh all those tumbles.

Wakeboarding Gear at Moosejaw


Solo paddle or pick up a SUP big enough for two and a pup. You can even make it a party and get a whole fleet out to the local lake. The forecast is sunny with lots of floating ahead regardless of how you choose to paddle. Stand Up Paddleboard seems like a no brainer, but you don't even have to stand the whole time. Feel free to kneel, lay down and nap, even do some yoga. Naps might get a little wet, but hey, it's hot out, you deserve to cool off. The bigger and wider the SUP, the more stable it will be, and capable of handling more weight.

Paddle Boarding
Paddle Boarding Gear at Moosejaw

Waders & Packs

Sure, you can stand in the river and fish, just you and your bare hands. It'll be all the easier if you bring a fully loaded pack and a pair of waders though. Imagine how much warmer you'll be in that cold, flowing water with waterproof protection on your lower half. Carrying gear inside a well organized pack will help too, since your arms can only do so much. Head out to that secret fishing hole with everything you need for a full day in the river. Don't forget a snack, can't always count on the catch.

Waders Fishing Packs & Duffels
Waders and Fishing Packs at Moosejaw

Fishing Gear

The sound of a practiced rod and line whipping overhead, and a fly hitting the water is like music to your ears. Birds chirping, river gurgling, and a critter skittering through the woods. Head to the spot your grandparents brought you, soak up the memories and create new ones. The main goal is perhaps catch a few for dinner, or release to watch them swim away. We can't help you catch the fish, but we can supply the gear necessary for a great day on the water. Next year maybe we'll invent fish calls.

Fishing Gear Fishing Boots & Shoes
Fishing Gear and Footwear at Moosejaw


Air out those toes because they've just been way too cramped inside the insulated boots all winter long. Nothing says relax and vacation like a new pair of summer slippers. Slide each foot in and get to the beach, these sandal options won't mind a little sand and water on your toes. Just what's needed to prevent the bottoms of your feet from burning when walking across the sun-baked sands and boardwalks. No time for a spa day with pedicure? Do everyone a favor and peep the closed toe sandals instead.

Water Footwear
Water Footwear at Moosejaw

Men's Apparel

The summer sun is high in the sky and blazing hot, it's about time you throw on something comfortable for the in-and-out of the water days. Live in a pair of boardshorts all season long if you wish, no need to change before jumping right into the crystal clear waters. If you don't feel like lathering up with sunscreen, long sleeves and tees with UPF protection from the sun will do the same thing, minus that gooey-greasy spread. Bonus, everything dries super quick, so whether you're climbing out of the water or just sweating a whole bunch, you'll be comfy and dry again in no time.

Men's Apparel Men's Swimwear
Men's Summer Apparel and Swimwear at Moosejaw

Women's Apparel

On the brink of another summer season, it's a great excuse for a whole new wardrobe. Show as much or as little of whatever bod you've got. The name of the game is quick-dry, and whether it's shorts, tops, or a swimsuit, they all do it well. Capable of getting wet, drying fast, and keeping you comfortable throughout a day on, in, or near the water. Many pieces are UPF protective, but that doesn't always mean you can skip the sunblock. Sorry, sunscreen. Or is it suntan lotion? Just please don't call it sun cream.

Women's Apparel Women's Swimwear
Women's Summer Apparel and Swimwear at Moosejaw

Kids' Apparel

If you spend a lot of time out there with the kiddos, you already know it's in everyone's best interest to make sure they're comfortable and properly outfitted. Toddlers, little kids, medium kids, and bigger kids rejoice, we have the clothing to ensure a successful outing for all. Shorts, swimsuits, short-sleeve shirts, and long-sleeve shirts, all featuring quick-drying and sun-protective materials. Keep them cool, comfy, protected, and looking like seasoned pros, whether they're on, in, or around the water.

Kids' Apparel Kids' Swimwear
Kids' Summer Apparel and Swimwear at Moosejaw
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