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Barefoot or minimalist shoes are not for all, but it definitely still has a following. If you're ready to give it a try then Vibram FiveFingers are the shoes to do it in. You totally thought you were going to skip shoes all together, didn't you? That would probably leave you halfway down the trail with a rock embedded in your foot, so please do yourself a favor and protect your feet. As you transition into barefoot fitness, it's important to get a proper measurement of each foot to properly size a pair of FiveFingers and this guide is here to help you through the process.

This is how to measure your feet for FiveFingers.
Fans of FiveFingers sing their praise.

Picking a FiveFingers Size

What size FiveFingers should I wear?

Fit is crucial to benefit from wearing FiveFingers.

For those that are visual learners, the top video walks you through how to properly measure your feet for Vibram FiveFingers. Measure both feet so you can get the best fit for your new pair of FiveFingers. Remember FiveFingers has nothing to do with your hands, so leave them out of the measurements.

Get some pro tips from Vibram FiveFingers owners before stepping into a pair yourself. It's a whole lot of toe-wiggling and foot strengthening.

Sizing, fit, whatever you want to call it, if you're moving into the barefoot world then the only way to get it right is if you have proper sizing and fit. If you missed the videos here, or hate watching videos and would rather read about how to do it, here is a step-by-step way to measure up. Vibram FiveFingers are not sized like regular shoes, so if you just try to guess you'll have a bad time when they arrive. Once you have a proper measurement, the conversion chart can tell you your appropriate FiveFingers size. If it's still not right, Moosejaw offers FREE EXCHANGES on footwear. Neat!

If you're too lazy to click on the video, here is what you're supposed to do to find your FiveFingers size:

1. Place a flat ruler on the ground, with the end against a wall.
2. Step on the ruler with your heel flush to the wall.
3. Measure from your heel to the longest toe on your foot. This may or may not be your big toe. I look away when someone has a toe longer than their big toe. Weird.
4. Repeat the measurement with your other foot.
5. Using the measurement of your LONGEST FOOT, refer to the size guide on a FiveFingers product page to determine your size.

Let's be honest, foot shapes and sizes can vary greatly, so while most FiveFingers are designed with fit adjustment features, they simply may not fit every foot type. If that includes your feet, we're so sorry about it. Here are a few red flags that may suggest FiveFingers are not meant for your feet.

If your foot length varies more than 1/6" it will be difficult to get a precise fit for both feet.

If your second toe is more than 1/6" longer than your big toe it may be difficult to get a precise fit.

Vibram FiveFingers for running
Connect with those trails like never ever before.

FiveFingers for Running

Other runners may point and laugh. Don't sweat it.

As close to running around barefoot you can get.

Were you the kid back in the day that ran around all summer without shoes on? Now that you're older if you tried to do that you'd probably be down and out because a stick poked you in the bottom of the foot. With Vibram FiveFingers you can get the traction and protection you need while still acting like a kid again, toes wiggling and having fun. Run around on the balls of your feet, bounding around like you just don't care. You may even be able to get a nice run in while you're at it. The tough Vibram rubber under your feet is thin, but contacts and grips the ground so your sensitive soles don't have to.

Vibram FiveFingers for hiking and trekking
Really connect with the terrain out there, you guys.

FiveFingers for Trekking

Scare kids on the trail with your bigfoot-prints.

Feel the terrain beneath your feet, without worry of cuts and scrapes.

Is it time for you to get back with nature? Connect to the changing terrain via your feet with a pair of Vibram FiveFingers. Hiking, trekking, a walk in the woods, when the paths feature dirt, rocks, roots and change in elevation, your toes and sensitive soles need protection. The FiveFingers made specifically for hiking have a slightly thicker sole (we're talking milimeters) and a more aggressive outsole pattern. This design allows for better grip along the changing pathway, aiding your toes in getting you up that steep section. They're still minimalist shoes, so you'll be able to feel your toes and foot wrap around that rock or over that tree as you move. All the benefits of connecting with nature, without getting jabbed in the foot by a pinecone.

Vibram FiveFingers are great for playing in the water
Playing in water is, and always will be, the most fun human beings can have.

FiveFingers for Water

Because gross mud between the toes is.... the.... worst.

For protection and grip when you're playing in the water.

Most people don't swim with their shoes on, but when it comes to oceans and lakes with muck and weeds, touching the slimy rocks and weeds gives others the heebie-jeebies. When the weather is nice and you find yourself by the shore, in a boat, on the water, versatile footwear is key. In steps Vibram FiveFingers, toes at the ready, to give you that incredible barefoot feel with protection against Zebra Mussels, rocks, maybe a jellyfish or crab. In colder waters, they can help keep your feet warm and the hook-and-loop closures secure the shoe to your foot, so it won't pop off when you have to swim back to the boat. Kayaking, surfing, stand-paddle boarding, even fishing, all these activities don't require footwear, but if you want it, FiveFingers are there.

Vibram FiveFingers for yoga and pilates
Me and my GF can do this, we just choose not to.

FiveFingers for Yoga + Pilates

You'll be the least gross person in the studio.

Keep feet clean and protected in the gym or studio.

Whether you practice yoga or pilates for fitness, to minimize stress, or just for fun, Vibram FiveFingers can take it a step further. The bottom of your foot is well covered in an incredibly thin, super flexible rubber outsole, with a minimal amount of fabric on the upper for comfort. You won't have to walk over well-used studio flooring, keeping feet clean and also protected. Since these activities are usually done barefoot, with FiveFingers on, you'll still get all the use of your toes to help you balance through each pose. Additionally, you can now take your practice pretty much anywhere, down by the beach, at the campground, traveling, all without having to sacrifice your clean feet to dirt, grime or a wayward pine needle. When it's time to head home, if you strictly only wear your FiveFingers in the studio, they go easily into your gym bag thanks to an incredibly light weight and packable design.

Vibram FiveFingers for travel
Those guys are for sure looking at her butt.

FiveFingers for Travel + Casual

Because sometimes shoes = foot prisons.

Let your feet relax while traveling too.

Traveling can be awesome, especially when your destination is somewhere you've never been before. The hours you spend sitting can really take a toll on your feet though, whether it's a long plane, train or car ride. Now you no longer have to be the one removing their shoes and revealing stinky feet to those around you. With your feet inside flexible Vibram FiveFingers, you can wiggle your toes, stretch your ankles and be just as free as you would be barefoot. This time you don't have to touch the well-worn carpeting of that really old airplane. They're so lightweight, you'll be bouncing in your chair, ready to jet out of your seat and into the aisle once the plane or train has come to a stop.

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